An unpleasant visit to his physiotherapist forced Ibby to face the fact that he was in his 30s and overweight.

Weighing 86kg (190lbs), he already had mobility issues but knew he was too young to start down the road to poor health.

Social media came to the rescue, and a few well-timed recommendations brought him straight to Ultimate Performance.

Eleven weeks and 17kg (37lbs) later, and Ibby has transformed his body, boosted his confidence and sharpened his focus and mental acuity in the business he owns.

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“I just feel very good. I am in my mojo. My confidence is high, and I feel great.

“U.P. is well worth it. If someone says you can spend this much money and I can make you feel good, confident – that’s priceless. You can’t put a value to it.” 

Before signing up to U.P., Ibby was a bit down in the dumps. He wanted to look good and feel good but knew that his overweight body and unfit lifestyle was pulling him down.

He was working out and trying to eat healthily, but the number on the scales wasn’t coming down.

“My main motivation to start and stick with the program was to feel good. My birthday was coming up, and I was looking forward to a holiday, and I really wanted to look and feel the best that I ever felt.

“Before U.P., my diet and lifestyle were not extremely bad; I just wasn’t educated. I didn’t know how much protein, fats or carbs I should have.

“Also, my technique needed a lot of improvement. Throughout the program, my trainer showed me the correct techniques in certain exercises because I was doing things wrong. He pushed me to a point where I am now lifting more weights! I am now lifting heavier than I have ever lifted and its achieved great results.”

A transformation at U.P. is holistic and all-encompassing – it’s never just an hour of training in the gym.

The incredible results Ibby achieved came from the combination of sleep strategies, precision nutrition, training techniques and data tracking.

Science-backed, battled-tested and captained by elite personal giving round-the-clock attention to every single client, put in the effort and you cannot fail to achieve your goals at U.P.

This is exactly what Ibby discovered during the process.

“I really like the gym. It has such a professional vibe. It wasn’t overly jam-packed. I could use any piece of equipment I needed. And especially in this Covid situation, I felt I had my own space.

“In that one hour, we could do a lot really, and I achieved a great deal. I started at 86kg (190lbs) and came down to 71kg (157lbs) in the space of less than 12 weeks, and I achieved this massive change with lockdown in place.

“It was all really down to the support I got from my trainer. The training kept me focused, and we achieved some great results.”


Ibby can see the benefits both in his gym performance and in everyday life outside the gym too.

“Physically, I feel great now. I can do 140kg (309lbs) deadlifts; I was never able to do that before. My technique is 10 times better. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I just feel great.

“Even my physio was really impressed after the transformation. He said I was a lot more flexible, mobile and, naturally, lighter. I am on a good path now.”

Apart from getting the body he always dreamt of, Ibby is also reaping the benefits of being healthier in other areas of his life too.

“I set two main goals on Day 1 – to have abs and to lose body fat. I achieved both in this short space of time, and it feels amazing. It was really nice to feel good, especially in this situation with lockdown and everything.

“My confidence was also definitely boosted through this transformation. Firstly, I have learnt how to eat correctly, and I am eating really clean. The U.P. supplements keep me extra sharp, and I am thinking a lot faster.”

“As a business owner, my decision making has definitely improved. I am in a healthier place and in a healthier mind. I definitely think faster and quicker. So, every time I am faced with a problem, I can deal with it better.

“The highlight of my journey was definitely the end when I woke up in the morning, stood on the scales and saw I am 71kg (157lbs). I was once 86-87kg (190-192lbs); I lost 17kg (37lbs), my body fat percentage came down from 25-30% to 10%. I have come so far and learnt so much.”



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  • We show you those who inspire even us with their commitment to their results.
  • You cannot get results exactly like these. You are unique and that means you can only get your own best possible results.
  • Your results are a function of time spent following the plan; your genetic response to the right exercise and diet program; how hard you train; how consistently you come to the gym; how disciplined you are with your diet; & your starting point.
  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
  • We cannot do the work for you and the results you see here are a testament to the work ethic of our clients.
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