Borja’s health and fitness slipped during two national coronavirus lockdowns.  
Like so many people, his healthy habits fell by the wayside, he got trapped in a cycle of eating poorly and he gained weight as a result.  
But when a third national lockdown was announced, 27-year-old Borja was determined to focus on his health and come out of it stronger and fitter than before.  
Having trained with Ultimate Performance some years ago, he knew it was the best choice for his health.  
Over eight weeks, Borja lost 13kg (29lbs) training with a few select pieces of equipment in his bedroom.  

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“I’ve been training U.P. going through an insane transformation from 84kg (185lbs) and 20% body fat in eight weeks to 71kg (157 lbs) using an elastic band belt and two 10kg (22 lbs) dumbbells.”   

Borja had trained with U.P. several years ago and was on top of his fitness until the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

But successive lockdowns had meant he couldn’t access a gym, his exercise routine fell flat and his diet careered out of control.

“There have been two lockdowns already and things got out of control eating-wise. During the last lockdown, I was completely out of a routine in terms of a healthy regime, regular weight training, and self-discipline.  
“I’ve got a massive sweet-tooth that I would cheat every other day and I was starting to go into this vicious circle and very quickly putting on weight.  
“I saw where that was going to lead to and that’s why I thought it was time to make the decision. I wanted to use that third lockdown to completely transform not just my body but also my entire routine. I know that I had fun with U.P. once before, four years ago and I know that amongst all the gyms, if I want results, I went to U.P. and I would get them.” 

Over eight short weeks, Borja lost 13kg (29lbs) and his body fat came down to super-lean 8.5% – all while under lockdown in his own home.

He quickly implemented the trainer’s advice, cut back his sugar intake, and followed his personalised home training and nutrition regime to the letter.

“My diet was a complete change versus what I was eating during the last lockdown. I went from eating 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day to eating less than 50g of carbs. I adapted quickly and I was satiated from berries and fibres and high proteins.  
“I had done no weights at all for the last two or three years, I found them boring and I lacked the self-motivation to do strength training.  
“I was in more conditioning and cardio so that changed drastically because I was addicted to weights and trying to push myself and hit higher targets. I feel a lot better for doing that weight training.”  

Even though he knew first-hand about U.P.’s track record for helping clients achieve incredible results, he was still doubtful about how much he could achieve working out at home.

But Borja quickly realised just how hard his trainer could work him over virtual sessions with just a couple of key pieces of training equipment.

“I was quite sceptical and I discussed this before I signed up. I was genuinely surprised with how hard you can physically train in your bedroom with a pair of dumbbells and an elastic band. 
“You can’t train online with just anybody because it requires a certain amount of creativity that your trainer needs to have to mix things up and that’s something that came through.  
“If your trainer’s good and knows how to push you and you take it seriously, the results can be as good as you would in the gym.”  

The results of his lockdown transformation have had a positive effect on every aspect of his life.

“I feel a lot more confident and happier and I would have struggled with this lockdown with everything shut down if it wouldn’t have been for this transformation. I’ve felt positive and that has passed on to friends of mine. 
“I have compared those two pictures and I was quite surprised if not shocked at how I managed to shred pretty much all that external body fat from my bedroom. I was surprised at how easy it was during a third lockdown. I was super pleased. 
“It’s the second time I’ve signed up for a program like this and I don’t think you can get results like this anywhere in London.” 



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