Simon didn’t think there were enough hours in the day to remedy his ‘dad bod’ with life as a father, international business owner and attorney.

His calendar was full to the brim, packed with meetings, conferences, business calls and social events. But his professional success came at a cost – his health.

Although 39-year-old Simon felt his health was okay, he knew he could feel mentally shaper and wanted to be at the top of his game.

What Simon got coming to Ultimate Performance was a time-efficient program that took away all the thinking and gave him measurable results.

Training just a few hours a week and overhauling his diet helped him lose 11kg and slim down his waistline.

  Simonk M39 23wk Pt La Front | Ultimate Performance

Sleeping better, feeling on his A-game and impressing his wife all made the 136-mile round-trip to the gym three times a week worthwhile.

“My confidence has shot through the roof and I’m a lot sharper because I’m sleeping so much better.

“My wife now looks at me and says ‘wow!’ I’m in a better place today than I ever thought I would be.

“We always say at work ‘I wish I had more hours in the day’ or ‘the year is flying by.’ But I’ve realised that once you plug something into your schedule, it’s there and you make time for it.”

Here, Simon talks about how his trainer has given him the tools to better handle his stress, why he’s now capable of listening to his body, and why the accountability of U.P. helped him transform his body.


What motivated you to begin training with U.P.?

My motivation to get in shape was to get rid of this dad bod. I’d intermittently worked out throughout my life, and whenever I got into decent shape, I always felt better.

I stopped training because I didn’t have the discipline to get rid of the fat around my stomach. I always thought in my head that I feel healthy, so that was enough. So really, my motivation was to step out of my comfort zone.


How would you describe yourself before you started working with your U.P. trainer?

I’ve always thought of myself as a confident individual. It’s probably by virtue of my career as well – I have to be. I wasn’t necessarily ashamed of my body, but I knew I could be in a better mental place if I got in shape.

Even though I was okay, I wasn’t at my peak. I wasn’t performing my best, which affected my stress and sharpness at work.


Simon before [left] and after [right] his U.P. transformation.


What did your diet look like pre-transformation?

My Instagram handle is Foodies at Law. Food is a big part of my life and the way I am as an individual. I trained as a chef, so food was central to my personal life.

Before I joined U.P., I didn’t think I was eating unhealthily or consuming a dangerous amount of alcohol. I’ve now realised that I needed to reassess what I was putting in my body, although my diet wasn’t particularly bad.

Through the evolution of this transformation, I feel like I’ve now learned to listen to my body.



What benefits have you felt now that you’ve transformed your body?

My confidence has shot through the roof and I’m a lot sharper because I’m sleeping so much better.

Sleep was a big issue for me that I never really focused on, but now I’m sleeping really well because I’m resting my body. My body is now getting the opportunity to repair itself and I’m raring to go the next day. My wife now looks at me and says “wow!”

When you’re with your partner, you always want to look your best. I had one goal and was so motivated to achieve it, that I drove an hour and a half to get to the gym because I was getting results far exceeding my initial expectations. I’m in a better place today than I ever thought I would be.



How did you find training at U.P. and how did it fit around your busy lifestyle?

We always say at work “I wish I had more hours in the day” or “the year is flying by.” But I’ve realised that once you plug something into your schedule, it’s there and you make time for it. I never say that I don’t have enough hours in the day now and I find time to finish all my work.

You’ve got a team at Ultimate Performance that cheer you on all the time and share an interest in your journey, which is incredibly motivating. My trainer asks how I’m feeling both mentally and physically every session.



Finally, would you recommend U.P. to people who want to start their own body transformation?

It’s a no-brainer. You’re not just paying for someone to be in the gym with you, you’re paying for a total transformation. The people that work here aren’t just personal trainers, they’re transformation experts.

My whole lifestyle has changed. I can’t speak highly enough of U.P. The mentality and approach to training is incredible and it keeps you accountable – which really gets results.


If you feel weighed down by responsibilities at work, a U.P. transformation can help you feel your productive best every day. Get into the shape of your life with less than 3 hours of training per week and improve your clarity in the workplace. Start your transformation today.


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