Massively overweight and living with chronic lung problems, 54-year-old David knew it was now or never to change his life.

He had asthma, sinus problems and a lung capacity of only 54% – and as well as weighing a dangerously unhealthy 267lbs (121kg) – he was a serious risk from Covid-19.

Luckily, David decided to prioritise his health and do something about it.

That something was coming to the world’s leading personal trainers at Ultimate Performance.

Over an incredible eight-month period, David lost a remarkable 93lbs (42kg) and turned his health around – the best bit is he can now happily play catch with his son.

  David Ultimate Performance Transformation Singapore Front | Ultimate Performance

“Today I am wearing size 32 jeans, and I am walking around confidently.

“If I hadn’t joined U.P., I would probably be sitting on my couch with a beer in my hand and a packet of chips, still 88-110lbs (40–50kg) overweight, struggling with my health and thinking that one day I should do something about it.”

  David Ultimate Performance Singapore Transformation | Ultimate Performance

When David first began his programme at U.P., it felt like he had a mountain to climb to get back to health.

But he was determined to put his heart and soul into it, and alongside him had a trainer who was as committed as he was to achieving a life-changing result.

“The first-week training at U.P. was daunting. I saw just instructors walking around, and I was like these guys are fit, and here I am struggling to bend over just to put my shoes on.

“So, it was a bit scary at first, but I never felt like I shouldn’t be here. All the trainers were quite nice and welcoming.”

  David Ultimate Performance Singapore Deadlift | Ultimate Performance

David quickly developed a strong bond with his trainer, Michelle, and laid his achievements at her door.

She not only guided him to lose over 88lbs (40kg), but she also gave him the tools and the knowledge to be able to keep it off for good.

“My PT Michelle was great! She was always available to help and support even outside the gym.

“If I had a question, there was always an answer. She was always there looking over my shoulder.

“When we went into lockdown, we were living on a lot on food delivery, and Michelle actually found my address and went through the delivery menus and pointed out which restaurants I could order from.

“Most importantly, she was able to understand what motivated me and what demotivated me quickly; what works and doesn’t work with me. She worked that out very quickly.”

  David Ultimate Performance Transformation Singapore Side | Ultimate Performance

Aesthetically the transformation has been nothing short of astounding.

But the changes are much more than just skin deep. It would not be an exaggeration to say that every part of his life has been touched positively by his fitness journey.

“The quality of my life has changed significantly. I am not embarrassed anymore; I can look at myself in the mirror happily.

“I had adult-onset asthma. It was quite bad, and my lung capacity was around 54% at the start of the year; now it is up to around 80%. I am dropping the medication now as well. So, it’s been quite a change.”

  David Ultimate Performance Transformation Back Singapore | Ultimate Performance

Healthy new habits are now just as part of his everyday life – from making nourishing food choices to being able to enjoy going for a run.

“I started running through this programme as well. In the beginning, I was waddling – it was quite tough being 88lbs (40kg) overweight, and I was also struggling with a bad knee throughout.

“I was going out twice a day for 5km (3mi) at a time. At first, it took me an hour and 20 minutes.

“Now I complete 5km (3mi) in 37 minutes, and I am actually starting to enjoy it!”

David’s family, friends and colleagues have been blown away by his transformation and the dedication to stay the course.

Thinking back to his old self, he can barely believe the slim, strong and healthy man he now sees staring back in the mirror.

“I was so overweight that I wasn’t sure I would ever see muscle definition again. So, to be able to take my shirt off now and actually see the definition is astounding.

“My family still doesn’t quite believe it! They keep telling me to put my shirt back on because I keep walking around the house without my shirt on.

“Overall, I think what worked for me was learning to watch what I eat and the sheer pig-headedness of not giving up!

“I firmly believe that you have the power to achieve whatever you want. And after U.P., I know whatever I need to do next, I can.”



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