Davinia wanted to get in amazing shape for her 40th birthday – but she was afraid weight training might make her big and bulky.

Her goal was to slim down and get a figure like model and TV star Kourtney Kardashian.

Despite her initial concerns about the training and diet, mother-of-two Davinia has never looked back.

She is now in better shape than ever, looking and feeling great, having achieved the ideal figure she wanted.

Davinia-before-and-after-front-900 Davinia-before-and-after-front-900 Ultimate Performance

“I am frankly blown away by the results that we have achieved since I started the transformation.

“My strength, form and endurance have all developed enormously, and I have dropped a dress size!

“Physically, I look strong and lean, not bulky and muscly which I feared, and my bum and thighs have reduced thereby achieving my original goal.

“I’ve obviously dropped weight and body fat, but for me this was less about the numbers and more about how I feel and look in my clothes and that can’t be measured by a number.”

“I also have more energy and feel very positive that this is just the start.”

 Davinia-in-the-gym-dumbbells-900 Ultimate Performance


It’s amazing that this transformation only took 10 weeks.

Before, Davinia trained predominantly cardio – never the style of weight training that is behind U.P. world-class transformation results.

But Davinia was motivated to get in shape for her milestone birthday and gain a better understanding of the nutrition that her body needed.

“Aside from a desire to learn more from a nutrition and training perspective, I also have my 40th birthday to look forward to in a few months and from a purely vain standpoint I wanted to get in great shape for that (thinking Kourtney Kardashian legs and bum!).”

 Davinia-before-and-after-side-900 Ultimate Performance

Davinia said joining U.P. Singapore initially felt like a step into the unknown but she took the plunge with her husband who had signed up for his own bespoke transformation programme.

“I didn’t really know what to expect. My husband was keen to do U.P. and I joined him a little bit on the spur of the moment.

“I figured if he was going on this sort of journey, I should get on board and make my own self-improvements.

 Davinia-in-the-gym-lat-pulldown-900 Ultimate Performance


“Whilst excited, I was also very nervous about starting the programme as I thought the diet and exercise regime would be pretty hardcore, and I didn’t know if I had it in me to step up to the challenge.

“I was also worried about letting people down; my husband, trainer and most of all myself having invested the time, money and effort into it.”

Davinia, who had her second child four years ago, lived a healthy and balanced lifestyle, so she had a good starting point.

Eating healthily during the week, including a day of fasting on 500 calories was her routine.

 Davinia-before-and-after-back-900 Ultimate Performance

But at the weekends, Davinia relaxed with food and alcohol which had been holding her back from getting in shape.

Davinia started seeing results from the outset, as she made some simple but significant changes to her lifestyle.

One of the key changes that made the biggest difference was finally understanding ‘macronutrients’ – the makeup of the food she was eating.

“The biggest and most dramatic change for me was the introduction to ‘macros’ and their importance in our diet. I had no idea that the make-up of calories had such a significant impact.

To say it was a revelation is an understatement. Until I started analysing the composition of different foods, I really had no idea what foods I should be eating and in what proportions.

 Davinia-in-the-gym-pull-900 Ultimate Performance


I now have a firm grasp of how much I should be eating in terms of portion size, calories and macro breakdown (carbs, fat, protein) depending on whether it’s a training or non-training day.

“This information will be invaluable when trying to maintain my current form and will help me to make the right choices both at home and when eating out.”

The changes Davinia made and the hard work and dedication she put in alongside her trainer Brendan helped her achieve her impressive results.

While the changes to her physique were pleasing, Davinia says the new-found energy and motivation to improve and progress has been equally transformative.

“Having recently recovered from Mycoplasma, I now have more energy than I can ever recall having previously.

 Davinia-in-the-gym-swing-900 Ultimate Performance

“I know that this is a combination of the new diet (reduced alcohol intake!) and training and I am feeling stronger week on week.”

Davinia, who trained just a couple of hours a week in her lunch break from work, said the environment at U.P. was motivating and inspiring.

“I really enjoyed the training – especially the relationship I developed with my trainer Brendan who knew just how to push me to the max.

Whilst tough and challenging, the small successes along the way gave me the motivation to keep striving. I also enjoyed the camaraderie and support on the training floor from the other trainers – you feel like part of a team and thrive on the encouragement often given during the sessions.”

 Davinia-in-the-gym-with-trainer-900 Ultimate Performance


Davinia came into her transformation fearing that weight training might make her big and bulky.

But she says it’s been the complete opposite – weight training has helped her get leaner, stronger and sculpt the body she always aspired to have.

“I now understand that weight training is key to developing strength and muscle and achieving the toned look that most women strive for.

“This is even more important as I head into my 40’s.

“As for my own learning, I had very little idea what weight training exercises I should be doing pre-U.P. and never found them to be a very effective use of my time so I would default to cardio.

“I now feel confident to hit the gym on my own with all that my trainer has taught me throughout the programme and I’m sure that I can continue to build on what we have achieved so far.”

 Davinia-in-the-gym-smiling-900-web Ultimate Performance

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