Andy went from too anxious to leave his room to shedding 27kg (60lbs) in just 23 weeks

Before joining Ultimate Performance, 34-year-old Andy was feeling isolated and aimless. After moving to Dubai alone, his routine had left him dreading leaving his bed, only finding comfort in fast food in the evenings.

After resorting to compression vests to conceal his body and feeling too nervous to leave his hotel room, he realised he had reached his lowest point. Now, Andy has lost 33cm off his waist, along with dropping an incredible 27kg (60 lbs).

But Andy’s toned body isn’t the only noticeable difference – he now feels more confident than ever, with a newly-discovered zest for life.

“The trainers are brilliant. They’re on-call 24/7, they’ll answer any question you have.”

“I didn’t enjoy life to the same extent that I do now. I want to go out and do everything.

“I would sit in my hotel room and beat myself up.

“I don’t think I realised how bad my anxiety was five or six months ago. Now, I feel no anxiety whatsoever.”

Looking back on his life before U.P., Andy can’t believe how far he let his mental and physical health slip. A vicious cycle of feeling too insecure to socialise, comfort-eating and then hating himself for it had a powerful grip over him. He dreaded having to get out of bed in the morning, feeling horribly uncomfortable in his own skin and convinced that he was being mocked.