“Friends and family have noticed a difference and I’ve received a lot of compliments!”

Simply climbing to the top floor of her four-storey building would leave Alexandra short of breath.

She felt, even in her twenties, her fitness was a spiralling problem that needed addressing ASAP.

While her health was priority number one, Alexandra admitted she missed the feeling of being confident and looking great in her clothes.

She made the decision to partner with Ultimate Performance… and the changes came thick and fast.

Training was understandably tiring to start, but Alexandra soon acclimatised and watched her body weight drop week on week.

Now a life-changing 18kg lighter, it feels like a new beginning.

She’s passionate about lifting weights and taking it upon herself to learn even more about nutrition.

Having made such progress, Alexandra is still getting used to the raft of compliments from friends and family.

Here, Alexandra discusses the methods and principles behind her 18kg weight loss…

What incentivised you to commit to this transformational journey with U.P.?

The main reason that motivated me to come here was to feel better in my own body. Confidence was a big part of it, but not the only part. I wanted to feel healthier and be healthier.

How did you find the process at the very beginning?

It was harder to get accustomed to the routine in the beginning, but once I was used to it, having a more rigorous diet, it was easy for me. I was determined to be here and transform. It was always a pleasure to come and train and it was always something that I would look forward to.

What changes did you start to notice once you’d got into a routine?

I live on the top floor of a four-storey building and one of the first things I noticed was that I wasn’t getting tired. Just walking was another big change. It was hard, but now I feel much lighter when I walk and that allows you to go further without feeling it. Another change that I noticed was how my body reacted to workouts in general. At the beginning I was really drained after a workout, but now I feel energised after it.

How did the support of your personal trainer and others around you at U.P. help you to achieve your goals?

With regards to the support, my trainer was really good at keeping in touch over the app and we also had some calls that were helpful. They were especially helpful at the beginning when it was harder to prepare for the week ahead as you didn’t know how to approach it in a healthy way. Afterwards, it was really easy to follow the plan that my trainer gave me. I really appreciated the support.

Working with U.P. helped me be rigorous and have a routine. It was really hard to do it by myself. I didn’t know anything about how to train in a gym, how to eat right, I didn’t know anything about macros, so having somebody who knows all about that and is supporting you throughout a longer period of time, is really good. It gave me accountability. After listening to my trainers at U.P. about macros and nutrition, I started reading on the subject. I’m nowhere near as knowledgeable as somebody who does this for a living, but I now have a better understanding. I know the basics, which is more than I expected.

What have you learned about yourself during this process?

I’m really proud that I’ve stuck to it. Another reason that I came was that I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick to a plan. I’m generally good at it, but when you come out of school and university, and you’re doing a job, you lose that routine. It was really important to have another focus and become good at something that I wanted to be good at. I don’t think my values changed after starting with U.P., but I’m more aware of them. Being healthy was something in the back of my mind that I really wanted in my life. Getting there was really important and I am happy that I achieved that.


How have friends and family reacted to your transformation? 

Having those habits, having a routine, and being in that mindset of being healthy, eating healthily and working out was really important. Friends and family have noticed a difference and I’ve received a lot of compliments, which is nice.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to start their own transformational journey?

You have to be really determined. It doesn’t happen overnight, and you have to work hard, but it all pays off. I still want to train going forward, which is great, and I want to get stronger. Losing weight and losing fat has been a big part of it and now I want to maintain what I’ve gained. One of my goals, with regards to getting stronger, is to be able to deadlift twice my body weight.


When you feel your health is on the line, a U.P. transformation might well be the best investment you ever make. Start your own personal training program now.


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