“The confidence I now have now has saved my life. I’m a completely different person and will forever be grateful to my trainer for that.”

44-year-old Gavin has no doubt whatsoever that losing 12kg has “saved his life.”

After being involved in a motorbike accident 20 years ago, his confidence had never been the same.

He told himself he’d never be happy with his physique as he slowly fell more and more out of shape.

But nearing his 45th birthday at a real low point, he decided to commit to a U.P. personal training plan.

Just 15 weeks later, he’s fit, strong, and proud to have rediscovered the confidence he once had.

In this Q&A with his trainer, Gavin explains why his trainer inspired him to achieve such incredible results…

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Gavin, what would you say motivated you to start personal training with Ultimate Performance?

What motivated me? I just wanted to actually, for once, make a concerted effort in my training and fitness before I hit 45. Call it a midlife crisis! I had a motorbike accident over 20 years ago, and I never really made an effort to get stronger and fitter and make the most out of whatever time I’ve got left. This time around I’ve decided to make a real effort. I thought, let’s just give it a go, and see what results I can get from this. No time like the present.


What did your diet look like before you started working with your trainer?

Amazing. I used to eat whatever I wanted anytime I wanted! On a serious note, that obviously didn’t do my health and fitness any good. I had put on a lot of weight over the past 20 years. I never thought about what I ate.

The most amazing part of this journey has been the eye-opening view I have of food now. Beforehand, I wouldn’t even consider calories. If I saw it, I’d eat it and I’d never stop, so I’d never have a point where I’d go, “Right, okay, you’ve had enough now.” I’d just keep going. If there was more food, I’d finish it. And then, obviously, alcohol. I was drinking probably or twice every week, which has changed now.


How did you feel about your physique before you started?

I’ve always had a negative view of my body because of my disability, so I never really focused on it. I always said to myself there was nothing I could do, which, thinking back, was more of a cop-out and a weak mentality. I was overweight, I was inflexible, my stamina was horrendous, and my fitness was bad. I was carrying a lot of weight, mostly in my back and belly. It wasn’t the best.

After the first set of measurements we did two weeks into my program, I noticed some huge changes. That highlighted how bad my diet was beforehand. My body really needed that break.


How would you compare yourself from day one to now, Gavin?

I’m just a different person. It’s crazy to try and compare because every part of my life is so drastically different. My fitness has improved immensely. I’ve been hiking a lot more. I climbed Mount Snowdon recently. I wouldn’t have even considered that a couple of years ago. The transformation is shocking but awesome. It’s crazy to think about what I’ve achieved. It’s mind-blowing for me.

I didn’t have any confidence coming into this program and I never thought I’d be able to achieve what I have. The confidence this has given me has saved my life. I will forever be grateful for that.


How did you feel when you were able to do your first deadlift?

Yeah, that was a pretty cool moment. It’s one that I’ll remember forever. I remember watching plenty of fitness videos before I started training at Ultimate Performance, but I never thought I’d be able to do the exercises I saw online. So, the fact I was able to do a deadlift and then hit personal bests week after week was crazy to me. I remember when my trainer sent me the video of me deadlifting. I sent it to my family and their reaction was crazy. It was a great moment.


One final question. What would you say your magic ingredient to success was?

The partnership with your trainer is so important. My trainer had this natural ability to instill confidence in me which I’ll carry forward forever. But there are a couple of rules: shut the hell up, listen to your trainer, do what you’re told, and trust in the process! If you do that, you’ll get results.


Once Gavin dropped all of his excuses, he needed just 15 weeks to get in the shape of his life. Enquire now and trust the world’s leading personal trainers to help you get results, starting today.


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