“I’ve wound the clock back probably 25 years. I am probably in better shape than I was in my twenties – if that’s even possible.”

57-year-old construction manager Nino had tried almost everything to get fit.

Running, walking, mountain biking, and gruelling cardio classes to name a few.

But nothing had ever given Nino the results he wanted, and in truth, he never believed he was doing fitness the “right” way.

Now aged 57, he sensed a new layer of lethargy that was dragging him down. Unable to shake it off on his own, he decided it was time to hit the gym with an Ultimate Performance expert following his every move.

In 16 weeks, Nino has hit heights he still struggles to believe. He’s added remarkable muscle mass to his frame and believes he’s in better shape than when he was in his twenties.

He’s perhaps equally as excited with the renewed freshness and focus he’s feeling, too.

Read all about Nino’s experience here.

 Ninom M57 16wk Pt Stp Front Ultimate Performance

What motivated you to come to U.P.? 


Before I came to U.P., I always thought I was never in the best shape. I usually felt lethargic and very tired and needed something to get me on track.

I’ve always had the urge to be what I call properly fit. I have always tried going to a gym or a class, or a lesson, but I never felt I was getting proper results.  

So my main driver was to get fitter and faster, and better at the hobbies that I indulged in; mountain biking, snowboarding, etc. One reason for joining U.P. was to undergo a transformation so that I could attack these hobbies properly and get the best out of them. 

What was your diet and lifestyle like before U.P.? 

 I used to go to the gym occasionally, and I had always done some fitness, whether running or mountain biking. I am quite active but never felt I was doing it properly.

And that’s where I wanted some guidance, especially when it comes to the diet thing. I ate pretty healthily, but I never had balanced macros and balanced intakes and probably used to eat whatever I came across.  

What about how you look? Has that changed a lot?  

Naturally, with losing excess body fat, I’ve dropped two waist sizes, and I’ve dropped quite a bit of weight as well.  

All my suits and jeans are slowly being replaced. It’s fantastic to be able to do that. I’ve wound the clock back probably 25 years and I’m probably in better shape than I was in my twenties, if that’s actually possible.  

Have you ever used a personal trainer in the past, and can you compare it to what it’s like with U.P.? 

I haven’t really used a personal trainer in the past. But what I’ve seen visiting other gyms has always put me off.  

Now that I have something to compare against, it wouldn’t be the same. My trainer’s been the biggest part of it. The guidance, the knowledge, the attention to detail, the exercise, the tips on dietary requirements, etc. – it’s just been spot on every time. And we train around any, if there are any injuries, that there hasn’t been, luckily.

It’s always been adapted to how I’m feeling on the day or that week. So it’s been really, really good. 

How has your life improved since your transformation?  

I have shed virtually half my body fat in 12-14 weeks. I was thrilled with that. But it’s not just the physical aspect. My mental focus has really sharpened. I’ve got a very demanding, high-pressure job as a construction manager working on very large projects, and the sharpness in my mental focus has increased.  

So not just my stamina on my bike and my board; it has impacted every aspect of my life. And obviously the diet, I feel much healthier, much more energised, and very resilient as a result. 

The results I feel I’ve achieved have been totally transformative.  

 My body is a different shape now. I was not massively overweight, but I’ve shed all my body fat. And as I say, I just feel so much better all around.

I’m faster, lighter, and twice as quick as my mountain biking friends, who are half my age, which is embarrassing for them. I’m now having to wait for them now, whereas it used to be the other way around earlier. So really good.

Mentally, I’m able to take on more responsibility at work. I’ve just started a new project of over £90million, not something I’ve done before. So I’m reaching new levels, I’d like to think, on a work front and on the physical front.  

Would you recommend U.P. to others? 

Absolutely! Someone actually did introduce me from the Manchester area, so a couple of friends have done it, and my partner’s done it.

And yeah, 110% definitely, they’ll get results, and it’s guaranteed virtually, it’s there.

As long as you put the effort in and work with your trainer, it’s all achievable. So thank you. 


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