Company director John had everything he had ever wanted – his own business, financial security and a loving family – but the one thing that eluded him was a body he could be proud of.

As John has grown older his body has affected his confidence, to the point where he struggled to enjoy time on the beach with his family without feeling self-conscious.

John’s wife suggested that he may suffer from body dysmorphia given his lack of body confidence in his otherwise happy and successful career.

Wanting to get in shape ahead of his 50th birthday, his partnership with Ultimate Performance has seen him lose almost 10kg and achieve his dream six-pack physique.

Now able to see abs for the first time in his life, he is looking forward to going on holiday this summer full of that priceless natural confidence.

“I’ve never been able to achieve the body that I’ve been happy and confident with. My confidence has always been very low which has affected my personality.

“My transformation has made me feel like a much more confident and outgoing person. I’m actually looking forward to going on holiday in the summer.”

Here, John speaks about his newfound body confidence following his U.P. transformation, and how his trainer kept him accountable ahead of his landmark 50th birthday.

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What was your motivation for joining Ultimate Performance?

I’m 49-years-old and I turn 50 in March. I’ve achieved most things I want to achieve with my family, my own business and financially. However, I’ve never been able to achieve the body that I’ve been happy and confident with. My confidence has always been very low which has affected my personality.

My family would go walking up a beach on holiday and I wouldn’t go with them, as I wasn’t confident with my body. I didn’t like getting my legs out and putting shorts on in the summer either. My confidence was at rock bottom.

I’ve had a competition with my 18-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son who are both physically fit. My motivation was to try and get a physique I was happy with and get a six-pack. I had numerous times before but have never been able to achieve it.



What was your lifestyle like before your U.P. body transformation?

My diet, training and lifestyle prior to joining U.P. weren’t good. Being a company director, I work a lot of hours. I thought I was eating the right things and training at the right time, but working with my own personal trainer I’ve realised that wasn’t the case.

I also learned that I wasn’t doing the right intervals and missing key components like supersets. So, my training knowledge, in general, was poor prior to joining U.P.


How did your body affect your confidence before partnering with U.P?

I’m a company owner, so I’ve got to be confident in front of my staff, but I never had confidence about my physique. I wouldn’t wear tight t-shirts or a pair of shorts in the summer because I felt I had skinny legs.

My wife said she thought I had body dysmorphia because I was that afraid of taking my t-shirt off and getting my shorts out. Over the last couple of years, progressively it’s got worse, which was a motivation to join U.P.



Following your fat-loss transformation, how has your life changed?

Since I’ve joined U.P., the difference in my physique and confidence is just so much better. Once I started seeing results, it made my confidence go through the roof. My wife and children have mentioned that I’m coming down for breakfast in the morning with no t-shirt on and I’m wearing shorts outside of the house.

I also recently got in a jacuzzi with friends when we stayed at a hotel. It’s made me feel like a much more confident and outgoing person, and I’m actually looking forward to going on holiday in the summer.


Do you think you have learned lessons for life from your trainer?

One of my motivations to join U.P. was to understand nutrition because I’ve never really understood it. I’ve always thought I was eating the right things, and consumed enough protein. I’ve always had quite a healthy diet, but it’s never worked for me.

Since joining U.P., I’ve gained so much knowledge on macros, nutrition and eating at the right times. It’s brilliant because I didn’t really have any knowledge on nutrition prior to joining.



What have your friends and family said about your new physique, compared to what you used to look like before?
The comments that they’ve made have made me a much more confident person. My wife’s now seeing me without a shirt on and they’re absolutely blown away.

I’ve always been a person that’s tried out diets and training plans, but nothing’s ever worked. The fact that I’ve stuck to this plan for 12 weeks with my own personal trainer and the results I’ve achieved has amazed everyone.


What makes your U.P. trainer stand out from other trainers you’ve used in the past?
I think the difference with my personal trainer that I’ve got here, as opposed to ones that I’ve had in the past, it’s the one-on-one help. I love the fact that the Ultimate Performance app is available and I can access my trainer 24/7, and I can get an instant response.

I also love the fact that I get nutritional and weight training advice. The knowledge that my trainer has given me and the relationship that we’ve built over these last 12 weeks has been absolutely astounding.



How does the one-on-one intensity of training differ from what you’ve done before?
So the U.P. training with my own personal trainer differs massively from what I’ve done in the past. With other trainers, it’s been a session with two or three people, which meant if I didn’t want to work out, I could drift to the back.

At U.P., I get the benefit of the trainer’s knowledge. He understands me and my body and can work around my ailments at 50 years old. I found my trainer really knew when to push and motivate me. The experience that I’ve gained at U.P. both personally and physically has been absolutely fantastic.



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