If you are a regular gym goer you may have noticed that you see the same people year after year who either stay the same or even get in progressively worse shape every year.

Fireman Andy was one of those people. When he walked in the doors at UP he was 50lbs overweight and frustrated at the lack of progress he had seen from over ten years of working out.

Andy's 18 Week Transformation  Ultimate Performance

In only 18 weeks with at Ultimate Performance Andy was able to make more progress than he had done in the previous decade of training. Andy transformed not only his physique but developed a new level of mental fortitude that has already transferred to other areas of his life.

Read his description of his time at UP in his own words below (translated from Chinese):

male 18 week transformation

Did you have any reservations about signing up for personal training?

I was very confident in the training programme provided by UP as my best friend had experienced a successful transformation himself. This inspiration combined with my own struggle to attain my ideal body despite 10 years of conducting gym training by myself were key factors in my decision to join UP. At the very beginning of the training at UP I was fully confident in the training and nutritional approach and the final result proved that I made the best decision of my life.

18 week transformation side

What did you find as a result of personal training with Ultimate Performance?

Training at UP was an extremely challenging journey for me but it was also a vitally important and significant one. I spent 18 weeks attaining a result in the gym which had eluded me for the previous 10 years. Nevertheless, none of this could have been achieved without the highest degree of focus, self-discipline, and perseverance. Regarding this, I would like to attribute the honour to my personal trainer, Eric. Eric guided and supported me on all aspects of both physiology and psychology. Throughout the training, I was deeply impressed by the uniqueness and effectiveness of the training programme.

My bodyfat percentage reduced from 25% to less than 10%, and my body weight reduced from 190 lbs to 140 lbs in 18 weeks. UP made my dream body a reality, particularly the transformation of my belly into abs. Meanwhile, besides the obvious physical change, my mental performance improved as well both in terms of sport performance and in my everyday life.

training biceps

The challenge to constantly improve and surpass my previous efforts was the most important thing that was impressed on me during my training at UP. This is so critical to a person who is striving to achieve a physical transformation. I also had to give up sugary treats and totally overhauled my attitude towards food. Undoubtedly, Eric’s timely guidance and support helped me to achieve this. Apart from the physical training program, the diet planning guided by Eric also made up a very important part of my life. I learned what is meant by a sustainable and healthy eating habit and lifestyle.

The documenting and recording of every single improvement I made was highly motivating and meant that every time I left the gym I was already looking forward to the next training session. This determination to strive for transformation would have been impossible to sustain without the support of my trainer at UP.

tired after a workout

Do you feel you got any other benefits from your journey with UP?

I proved to family and friends that you can achieve your dreams, not just physically but in all the other areas of life, just so long as you want it enough and have the audacity to begin. I also hope that I have demonstrated the advantages of a healthy lifestyle to my family and friends The focus, determination and ironclad perseverance that you cultivate through the training at UP will help you to reach all the other targets in your life. This is something which has already benefitted me outside of the gym.

healthy with his family

Would you recommend UP? If so, why?

I have been encouraging my wife and best friends to train at UP. The effectiveness of the training, the continuous professional guidance from trainers, tailor-made diet plan and the training philosophy which emphasizes continuous improvement and overcoming mental weakness are all reasons behind my recommendation.

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