Are you making one of these 10 big mistakes on your diet?


If you’re not seeing progress towards your body transformation goals, it could be one single dietary facts holding you back from getting the body you want.

Our UP Client of the Month winners share the biggest mistakes they were making on their diet before UP and what they changed to get results…


1.‘Not Understanding Calories’ – Kelly, UP Mayfair


Before joining UP I wasn’t bothering to count calories. I didn’t know what I was putting into my body and had no idea that I was eating far more calories than I needed on a daily basis.

I fell into the trap of thinking I was being healthy, when I really wasn’t. I’d naively use big dollops of coconut or olive oil when cooking with no realisation of just how many calories were in them.

I followed recipes by people like Joe Wicks and in hindsight I was just pumping my body full of calorie-dense foods.

Because I didn’t understand the calorie contents of different foods I’d make poor choices, opting for things, that in some instances took me over my daily allowance in a single meal.

I’d snack on things thinking they were good for me when they had more calories than an entire meal of the delicious, healthy filling food that I make now!

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2. ‘Foods labelled “healthy” aren’t always best’ – Zuzana, UP Sydney


My biggest mistake was thinking that all I had to do was go to the healthy aisle in the supermarket and I could choose anything there and it would be good for me.

With proper guidance from my UP trainer, I realised that although eating healthy foods can help keep you feeling fuller for longer, you still have to track your overall calorie intake to make sure you’re not overeating.

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3. ‘Eating for the sake of eating’ – Louise, UP Dubai


Some of the biggest diet mistakes I made before joining UP were over-indulging when I wasn’t hungry, excessive portion sizes and choosing the wrong types of food.

I was also eating too many sauces and condiments rather than just eating clean food and enjoying the natural taste.

Starting to track my food intake helped me to realise that my diet had to change if I wanted to see results.

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4. ‘Not tracking portion sizes’ – Orlando, UP Mayfair


The biggest diet lesson I learned during my transformation was portion control and knowing exactly what you’re eating and how many calories!

With the help of UP and various tools like MyFitnessPal, weighing my food (using digital food scales) and keeping a food diary made it clear how many calories I was eating.

I had been eating too many energy-dense foods and tracking helped me realise the correct portion sizes for me and showed me how many hidden calories were in food like nuts and cooking oils.

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5. ‘Thinking foods are simply “healthy” and “unhealthy”’ – Hugo, UP Singapore


Before UP, my knowledge about nutrition was limited. I had a bad relationship with food and simply categorised different foods as being either ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’.

I tried to avoid the unhealthy foods and eat as much as I wanted of the healthy foods.

This meant I was consuming more calories than I needed and there would be days where I’d give in to cravings and end up eating a lot of the unhealthy foods.

My UP trainer helped me to understand that it’s okay to have the occasional ice cream or piece of cake as long as the portion size and frequency are right.

Since joining UP my diet has definitely become more sustainable.

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6. ‘Eating too many carbs and not enough protein’ – Michiel, UP Mayfair


The biggest mistake was not realizing that I consumed too many carbohydrates and not enough proteins – of the calories I was eating, my macronutrient ratios were not right.

Also, on the supplementation side of the diet, not getting enough of things like omega 3 oil, vitamin D3 and magnesium, that most people’s diets are deficient in.

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7. ‘Not eating optimally for body composition’ – Olivia, UP City of London


I don’t think I was eating terribly, but I definitely wasn’t eating optimally for body composition (building muscle and losing body fat).

I didn’t eat many carbs and reintroducing these, especially on training days, improved my workout performance. I also made an effort to eat more lean protein and green vegetables.

I actually really enjoyed my nutrition plan and have pretty much stuck with it after completing my transformation.


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8. ‘Not understanding the foods that work for my body’ – Marcel, UP Amsterdam


I wasn’t aware of how my nutrition habits affected me. For example, I’d just have an espresso whenever I felt tired.

Now when I’m tired, which is almost never, I try to find out what’s causing it and how I can deal with it without relying on caffeine.

I also used to lack the discipline to eat the right types of food. Everything was delicious and I’d regularly consume beer, cocktails, bread and chocolate bars to name a few.

They all tasted great, but were not the best for my body, energy and mind.

Now I have four meals a day based on meat and vegetables and I no longer feel the need for regular work breaks because I have so much more energy.

And If I do get cravings, I just grab some raw vegetables, fruit or a protein shake.



9. ‘Not getting the right balance of macronutrients for my body’ – Jess, UP Hong Kong Central


Before I started training at UP, I thought I had a sufficient understanding of what a good diet should consist of.

However, I wasn’t paying enough attention to my macronutrient (protein, fat and carbohydrate) or calorie intake, so despite going to the gym, I wasn’t getting anywhere!

My trainer helped me to fine-tune my diet with specific macros tailored to my goals, which were frequently adjusted dependent on the progress I was making.


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10. ‘Skipping meals and then overeating later’ – Scott, UP Manchester


I used to miss meals and would try and make up for it later in the day by having a bigger meal. The problem was I’d end up overdoing it and eating too much.

Now I use EatUP meals (UPs food preparation service) I no longer have an excuse not to eat at more regular intervals throughout the day.


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