Ten years of failed weight loss attempts left Baran questioning the reliability of the personal training industry.

He’d worked with plenty of trainers over the years, loosely following vague diet plans and adopting fat loss methods he was told would work.

But Baran’s body wasn’t responding to anything he tried. While his progress had stagnated, his wife was rapidly shedding weight and developing a slim waist through her bespoke plan with Ultimate Performance.

Seeing her results day in day out, Baran became confident a U.P. trainer could help him. Now walking around 12kg lighter with tight abs on display, his faith in U.P. was rewarded in just 14 weeks.

Baran finally found a dependable specialist who gave him a clear plan to work around.

His trainer connected the dots with his training, lifestyle and nutrition, helping cut out the quick-fix convenience foods that were ruining his body composition.

“I’ve been trying to get in shape for almost 10 years. This wasn’t the first time I’d worked with a personal trainer.

“Compared to my previous experiences, the personal training at U.P. is so much more disciplined and engaged.”

Here, Baran speaks about how he’s built a lifetime of knowledge on healthy eating in just 14 weeks and explains what makes U.P. so different to any other personal training model.


What was your motivation to start working with Ultimate Performance?

I had already started losing weight during the year. I lost about 8kg and was walking every day. But my progress plateaued – I got stuck at the same weight and couldn’t lose any more. I’ve been trying to get in shape for almost 10 years; this wasn’t the first time I’d worked with a personal trainer. My wife started working with U.P. and recommended it, so I decided to try it.

What did your diet look like before your transformation?

I would typically eat quick, easy food like pasta and rice. More often than not, I ate whatever I could prepare in a short amount of time. I would also eat fast food and snacks quite frequently, so I didn’t have much balance.


What have you learned from your trainer now that your transformation is complete?

The main thing I’ve learned is the importance of tracking food. It helps me understand where I am in the day so I can plan ahead. I found it was very difficult to remember what I’d eaten if I didn’t track my food. That became a habit for me – even if I’m not tracking my calories in the app, I would always track them in my mind. I can now calculate the amount of fat, protein and carbs for most of the foods I eat. Mindful eating has become much easier, which is the most significant change.

What made your U.P. personal trainer stand out from other trainers you’d used in the past?

My other personal trainers were much more relaxed and let me eat almost whatever I wanted. Here was so much different. I learned the importance of tracking everything through the app and realised not everything was about going to the gym. My U.P. trainer also taught me how to keep on top of my weight and steps, which I enjoyed. Compared to my previous experiences, the personal training at U.P. is so much more disciplined and engaged.


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  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
  • We cannot do the work for you and the results you see here are a testament to the work ethic of our clients.
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