Why you contacted UP in the first place:
I have been weight-training for 12 years now since I was 16, and despite having some fantastic strength and conditioning coaching early on and during a high-level University Rugby Programme, I felt that since then my gains and knowledge had completed stagnated. I knew I needed to get outside help but as I found 90% of the PTs I had witnessed in gyms to be quite poor, it took me a long time to find a personal training operation that I was happy to start working with. My first training session said it all as despite me training 6 days a week before starting, I puked after my first session with my brilliant PT Eddie Baruta!  

What do you feel that you have achieved:
First and foremost I have learned so much, especially that I don’t know anywhere near as much as I thought I did. Eddie’s approach is scientific and holistic, more akin to that of a medical surgeon than a typical PT. He has revolutionised my diet and the way I train, and even managed to adapt my training to facilitate a broken ankle from rugby, training sessions during the rugby season and then specific off-season training. In the first 3 weeks alone, I cut 4% bodyfat.

What’s next for you:
Having spent so much time, money and effort in the gym in the past with unsatisfactory results, I don’t plan on stopping training with Eddie any time soon. Hence, I will just have to keep pushing out that finish line and raising my goals. It is expensive but it is the best value for money I have encountered in a long time.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
I already feel like a disciple of this place and have signed up 3 of my friends, all of whom have been equally impressed. If it is not already obvious, I get really excited talking about every aspect of this entire training regime.