For the past 3 years I’d flung myself into work nearly 24/7 and had gained over two stone in weight, had absolutely no work/life balance and a bad habit of having that large glass of wine in the evening.  All of this manifested itself in a weight gain of over two stone, insomnia and well on the road to becoming ill and then the final smack round the face was the break up of my relationship.  I finally saw the light and decided to ‘hit the gym, not the bottle’ so in March this year I laid down my hard earned cash as an investment in my future well being.   I’d been to personal trainers before but from the first session with Daria I knew I was going to enjoy the hard graft.   The first time I had to get the fat test with the calipers was quite frankly, embarrassing but it had to be done.  No normal carbs for me and a bag full of supplements and info sheets on types of food that would be my life for the next few weeks.  I dived into the new lifestyle and did exactly as Daria told me and put 120% into every session.  After 3 or 4 weeks I started to notice the difference in my shape and weight, return on investment was starting to feel really good.  After 8 weeks I was 2 sizes smaller and a new wardrobe was in place.

I decided to go for another 18 sessions and see how much more difference we could make.  Daria made sure I was getting the right foods and supplements and the training was getting tougher – I was loving it!  I’m now 3 sizes smaller, happy, sleep really well and have changed my lifestyle and in a way that’s sustainable, I still have the odd glass of vino, a bit of naughty food but it’s all under my control.  My personal trainer Daria Tiesler has been fantastic and just when you think you can’t push out another bench press or squat she gets it out of you – awesome!  I now have taken up triathlon and enjoying the sport.  I have also decided to do another 18 sessions as maintenance and to work on getting my tummy as tight as possible.  Oh, and single life is actually really fun!