As a personal trainer I have a passion to get myself into the best possible physical shape and am not afraid to put the hard work and effort in to do so.  Getting myself into good condition wasn’t enough, I wanted more, which is what led me to UP online personal training.  Having known Martyn through our time working at the same commercial gym and hearing about his achievements I knew he would be the perfect person to help me to achieve what I crave.  Whenever he spoke to me I listened with intent, picking up useful tips here and there.  Now that I have been using UP’s online personal training services I have been able to utilise his vast knowledge extensively.

I could not be more happy with the quality and level of service I have been given.  Everything has been laid out in exact detail (just how I like it) regarding training and nutrition.  Martyn has been extremely efficient in answering all of my emails (of which there have been many!) with a plethora of questions.  Every time I have received a very fast and detailed response.  He keeps in regular contact, requesting weekly updates which is very reassuring, showing that he cares about the progress of his clients.  He emphasises the fact that questioning is the way to progress and gain more knowledge and is always encouraging me to use his knowledge.

In a nutshell I am more than satisfied with UP and Martyn’s online personal training services and would strongly recommend him to anyone.  He is a testament to the quality of trainers you have.