In the time I have been a client at UP my overall fitness has improved tremendously. My muscle bulk has increased and I now have a level of cardio fitness never before realised. I think I am a long way towards achieving my goal.

Even though I am consultant physician of much experience, I now understand better the science behind body building and have learned so much about the diet and personal exercise needed to maintain the gains achieved during my personal training sessions. During the sessions Glenn Parker’s advice helps me exercise in a way that allows me to attain the maximum effect from each set thus I reach my goals in a more efficient manner.

Now I feel I have reached a good overall fitness my next step with Glenn is to work in a more intense way on the various muscle groups. I hope to increase my muscle bulk and definition during this new programme.

I feel that the gym offers a friendly and supportive environment. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. The equipment in the gym is of a high standard generally and the instructions on how to use the equipment are clear. I would tell others that if you want to work hard to raise your level of fitness you will find the UP environment meets your needs.