They had a good reputation, and seemed to be focused on individual goals.  The website in itself was very informative, not the traditional type of ‘want to lose pounds’ type thing, and did not have the pictures of lots of thin women or muscle building men, but appeared to be more serious.

What do you feel that you have achieved:
Self-motivation for a first. And most importantly, the main goal was to get into shape, which is definitely being achieved. Persistence from James and everyone at UPFitness, motivation, encouragement. I didn’t want a psychiatrist, but someone that would push me beyond what I could do myself, and that is precisely what I have found here.
My strength has improved a whole lot, and I have found a noticeable difference in only 6 weeks.

What have you learned:
Not only a correct diet, but ways to balance my lifestyle and find time to exercise – something that I always put at the bottom of my list.

What’s next for you:

I hope to continue with the routines, stick to the advised exercise and diet plans and see James on an ongoing basis.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:

It’s worthwhile if you are really focused to achieve your goals. Even if you are not initially, I am sure you will find that desire with the help of the trainers to reach your target, whatever it may be.