“My results have been – for the most part – incredibly tangible. I’m literally three-quarters the man I used to be – I dropped about three and a half stone (50lbs) of bodyweight but actually put on 12lbs of muscle so my real fat loss was 62lbs! Cut my body fat from nearly 30% to around 15% and have gone from wearing XL shirts and 38 inch trousers to Mediums and 30s (on a good day!). I’m also happy that I’ve managed to start to like going to the gym and working out. I was most definitely not a fan of physical effort, but now I feel like something is missing if I’ve not been to the gym. That’s a pretty great achievement.

Given that I was pretty much a complete idiot fitness-wise, I am really pleased that I now feel “at home” in a gym. I may not be putting up huge weights and I am certainly no expert, but I can hold my own. One of my main goals – aside from improving how I look and feel – was to learn what to do in a gym and I think I’ve learned that.

Bottom line: if you’re willing to make a real commitment, you will get real results.”