“I wanted to thank you for all the work you have put in with me over the last 27 sessions. Not just with the programme but your support – not just in the gym but via email too – which I definitely needed at times!  The Biosignature way of eating clearly does work for me with the intolerances I clearly have even though it has been difficult to follow at times which is when the additional support made a difference. I am sure I kept you busy.

I have got great results over the past 10 weeks. You have helped me so much, not just with the programme, but also in helping me to make great strides towards achieving my goals..  Despite the fact I would have liked to have got further, I keep forgetting that I hadn’t exercised for 12 months and only 3 months ago I could barely lift my own arm above my head let alone with weights in in my hands! Maybe I don’t give myself enough credit but you were able to remind about that throughout – even if it doesn’t always sink in!

I can honestly say that you have helped me so much and I would highly recommend you to any other prospective clients.”