As soon as I was told I would not be made to run, use a bike or a cross trainer during a session, I was sold!
I think that enjoying the workout is crucial for long-term success. Resistance training appealed to me, as although it is hard work, I never get bored.
I have had personal trainers in the past, none of which have helped me to achieve the results I wanted.
I read about Rich’s expertise in female fat loss, and he has certainly lived up to my expectations. In 12 weeks I lost 14 kilos and dropped 10 percent body fat.

What have you learned?
The main difference that Rich has made to my life is that he has made permanent changes to the way I think about food. I have lost weight in the past but never kept it off, I did not learn how to maintain it or keep it in tune with my lifestyle. The food plan I follow is easy, very effective and I am able to stick to it wherever I am. It is also great to have a cheat meal once a week so I never feel deprived!
Rich is a fantastic trainer, he has adapted the workouts and diet plan to how my body has changed, he makes the smallest alterations so that each session never feels any easier than the last one and he has put together workouts that I really enjoy!

What’s next for you?
I won’t be leaving UP Fitness for a while; I need Rich to keep a close eye on me!