I had always been active through most of my life but with the ever increasing workload over the years I let myself become sloppy with all the aspects of my health and my body. I was living a very unbalanced life and that was getting reflected on my physique. I was 20Kg over my normal weight.  But when I came to UP to see Nick and Eddie I came in with very high expectations. Expectations I was prepared to be told couldn’t be fulfilled.

Boy was I wrong. So far we are midway through the biggest change I have ever experienced during any moment in my life. I am feeling better, more confident, stronger, more focused, more alert and fulfilled with energy that i have trouble finding where to spend.

Eddie pushes me painfully (literally) hard on the weights, making me go beyond every limit I ever thought I had. And that is making sure the change is rapid and effective. But more importantly so the sound advice he gives me on every aspect of health in my life ensures that this change is of a sustainable nature. It’s knowledge I will carry with me forever and that is invaluable.

I would strongly and unreservedly recommend Eddie to anyone in search of motivation, knowledge, renewed energy and the incredible resulting change that it brings. This is just as mentally rewarding as it physically effective.

If you are the numbers type: I was weighting 98Kgs 10 weeks ago, now I’m weighting 87Kgs and have improved my BF% by 11.4%! We are midway through my program and that is 1kg down per week while putting up muscle to the point I have friends asking me if I’m taking drugs!