“A simply unbelievable and life affirming experience”

I was unfit and overweight, with a slowly increasing dress size.  I had always been a size 10-12 but more and more was starting to have to look at 12-14.  I was unhappy with this but didn’t know where to start in terms of losing fat and getting back into shape.

What do you feel that you have achieved:

The numbers speak for themselves.  I have dropped a stone in weight and more than halved my body fat percentage.  Importantly for me I also dropped to a dress size 8 which has made me feel so much more confident.  My body shape overall has improved and I am starting to see good definition.  I feel more positive and have gained a healthy appreciation of exercise.

What have you learned:
I have learnt what to eat and what not to eat; and the importance of regular exercise, whilst retaining a sense of perspective.  I know how to be good and if I have to be naughty how to do this without starting back on the slippery slope to increased body fat.  Since working with Dave I have learnt such a huge amount about weight training and what my body is capable of which has given me huge confidence to continue training on my own.

What’s next for you:
I aim to maintain the results I have achieved by using the skills and knowledge Dave taught me.  I have since joined a gym and I will continue with the weight training – a new thing for me as a girl training in what seems to be a predominantly male part of the gym!

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
Everything.  That making the commitment to sign up to the full Ultimate performance package is not easy but if can stick with it and embrace it (helped with Dave’s relentless support!) the results can be fantastic!  I am asked how I achieved my change all the time and I have to say that its down to the encouragement from Dave and UP helping me to make myself better!