“I believe it was just under 5 months ago I stepped into Nick’s office twice the man I am today (I mean that in a body fat sense!). Nick warned me about the road ahead, but now that I think back I never for 1 second fully understood the gravity in those comments. It’s been a hard road and I have had extreme highs and extreme lows. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I have learnt a lot about myself and the true meaning of success, failure, determination and perseverance. Everyday is full of internal battles and I have often found myself to be my worst enemy. I suppose coming full circle and beating the internal beasts that will do everything to make me fail will be the ultimate success. Initially I began this process because of what I feared others thought of me, but I find myself 5 months later not giving a toss about them. I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed in me coming to this realisation.

I started with Mike Porter, who was an adequate personal trainer.  I cannot fault him for me not achieving the outcome in my first failed transformation. I have no one to blame but myself. I don’t believe I went into the process fully aware of what was ahead of me and needed a very guiding and patient hand.  I did moderately well, not drinking for 8 weeks ( the best I’ve done since the day I began drinking) and coming down from 29.5% to and end result of 23%. Moderately well, and Mike Porter did seem pleased, however, I had higher standards and this was not what I came here for – I know that UP produces better and have seen the results that Nick’s best personal trainers produce. Unfortunately I went into the process knowing that I was to go to 2 weddings in the time period and had already decided I’d drink at both functions. All it takes to make to disturb the process is 1 falter. 1 day off. 1 reward that isn’t actually deserved. I know this now. These are all excuses I know. There should be no excuse!

Mike Porter left UP very hurriedly, but the transition process to my new trainer was faultless. I really need to thank UP for doing everything in their power to make good of a bad situation when they were left in the lurch.

However, where I stand now I am so happy that Justin Maguire is my personal trainer. No offence to Mike Porter, but in my opinion there is no comparison.  I have nothing but praise for him as a person and as a trainer. He really is investing himself in me, fully. Something he doesn’t have to do.

Dishing out information on training, diet and even motivation every step of the way. We get along well but when it comes down to business he becomes a drill sargent, dragging me through the end of some workouts kicking and screaming. Exactly what I need. Where I am weak he is strong!  Just knowing that he is prepared to invest his precious time in me like this gives me faith in myself. When others see the success in you before it’s been achieved you begin to see it in yourself. 6 weeks into my new transformation and I am doing well. Not a drop of alcohol. 15%  from 23% body fat in just 6 weeks, and there is more to go. Everyday is an uphill battle. Every step I take a part of me says just throw in the towel. Parts of me want to do just that. Parts of me are fed up with dieting. Parts of me are fed up with the constant stiffness. Parts of me are fed up with not being able to let go, get hammered and party with my mates.

However, I set out to achieve a goal, a goal which I know now is no walk in the park. Nick personally told me that. However it’s thanks to UP and in particular Justin for believing and investing so much in me that I am still going strong and on target for an awesome transformation.

Thank you UP and THANK YOU Justin!”