I was frustrated with the lack of progress that I was making in my exercise and general well-being plans and convinced that what I needed was a holistic approach to not only my exercise plans but also my diet and nutrition. When I read the article on Nick Mitchell in Men’s Health I decided to investigate further and having reviewed the web content of Ultimate Performance I decided to take the plunge and call.

What do you feel that you have achieved:
In my first 12 week session the improvement was simply phenomenal. The combination of  dedicated training, diet and nutrition plans linked to Justin, the most motivated personal trainer I have ever met, delivered startling results, 7kg net lighter in weight, 3” off my waist, more energy, better sleep, better posture, improved attitude and an increase of over 50% in my bench-press. Or, more simply, I feel fitter and stronger than I have at any time in my life.

What have you learned:
You have to have a plan to follow that works practically in the real world.
You have to have a series of goals that you can achieve on a regular basis to enthuse continued effort.
It’s not too late.