I contacted UP as I was frustrated with training hard but not seeing any results.  I also had problems with losing weight without losing muscle. I wanted professional advice and the biosignature modulation sounded like an extremely interesting concept.

What do you feel that you have achieved:
Just following one BioSignature consultation (unfortunately I am not able to take up personal training with UP) I lost 2% bodyfat in 4 weeks without doing any cardio work whatsoever. I still need to lose another 3% or so but I have confidence that if I stay on the nutritional plan given to me by Justin that I will achieve those results. The bonus is that I have been losing fat without losing muscle.

What have you learned:
I was not eating healthily/properly even though I thought I was. I have now learnt what I need to eat to achieve results (and also what not to eat).
I also learnt how important the right supplements are to take and at the right times.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
It is money well spent if you really want to achieve results and you are serious about making a change. Half measures won’t get you anywhere. Your knowledge of nutrition and exercise is great and it really motivates me to push harder.
Every time I am in your gym, even when not training, I get inspired when I set the professional setup and the people working for UP fitness. It inspires me to train harder and stick to my diet.