“Hi Nick

Hope you are well, I just wanted to give you some feedback (as I am sure people focus only on the negatives rather than saying the positive stuff).

As you know I have been working with James for the past 5 months now, and over the last 3 weeks, I set him the task of ‘getting my body fat % down to sub 16%, he made the mistake of telling me that this was ‘athlete level’ and you know how much I like a challenge!!! . . .

James set a programme that was varied and very tough but I had my results this morning and I came in at 14.8% . . . and yes, believe it or not I have also put on some muscle too (quite a difference to the little weed that came in through your doors in December of last year 🙂

Now I know I am never going to feature in ‘The Beef’ magazine, but I am so ‘chuffed’ at what has been achieved. I know I have done the work, but if it had not been for James’ programme, expertise, humour and sheer dedication I could not have done this myself (trust me, I have tried!)

I know you are the champion of your team and already think they are fabulous (which is why you have picked them), but thought you should know that from a customer’s perspective what a great job James has done and continues to do.

Just thought you should know, take care, Lynn”