I wanted a highly-trained and high-performing personal trainer with the background and skill to tailor a program to my specific needs.  UP met these criteria.
I wanted a focused and “serious” gym environment rather than a social environment.
As my workouts at UP have evolved, I have dropped doing a lot of cardio and circuit classes in other gyms in favour of my customized workouts at UP.

What do you feel that you have achieved:
My personal trainer is relentless in challenging me each and every week.  Over time I continue to progress in weights lifted, in number of reps and number of sets.  For example, he challenges me on leg presses: I am currently pressing over 300 lbs (as a not-so-young female).  These intense workouts seem to be reducing soreness in my knees, etc.  Marvellous!  He always seems to know just how much to increase the physical (and mental) challenge to accomplish the task.
Posture is a challenge for all of us who work in office environments, whatever our occupations.  The intense focus on upper back and shoulder work that he prescribes for me has resulted in much improved posture as well as greater back strength that I notice when I do things like “plank” in Yoga and Pilates.

What have you learned:
Part of the overall package provided by UP Fitness revolves around diet / nutrition counselling and recommendations on supplementation.  Key items I have learned for specific needs are (1) taking lots of fish oil every day, (2) reducing carbohydrates to extremely low amounts,, and (3) the importance of protein at every meal.
The other item I have learned is the importance of strength / weight training to overall health.

What’s next for you:
Focus on strength which provides incredible confidence.
Focus on stress reduction through intense workouts, a large shot of endorphins and help with supplementation.
Renewed focus on body composition.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
I am not the most obvious client for UP.  I am a female who is well over 29.  I also have some joint problems that restrict the variety of exercises available to me.  However, I always feel welcome at UP Fitness.  I make monthly progress on the weights I am capable of working with and am slowly feeling better and stronger and healthier.