I started training at UP with Eddie Baruta 4 months ago, after being fed up with a lack of results. I’d trialled several personal trainers in gyms both in Australia and London, and spent hours and hours mimicking programs designed by  so-called experts, whilst wasting a lot of time and money in the process trialling every supplement available. I then found UP.

I was told to train at UP simply because they were the best available. As soon as I met Eddie, I knew I was in capable hands. From the beginning Eddie was straight to the point and told me exactly what I needed to do to reach my goals. I was out of shape and needed a clear training and nutritional plan, and that’s exactly what I got. From the outset Eddie explained what he had planned, and more importantly how his plan was going to help me achieve my goals.

I won’t lie training with Eddie at the City personal training gym isn’t always fun, but he definitely knows what it takes to get results. He pushes me beyond what I think I’m capable of, and always finds a way to get more out of me. There are times when I think I’ve got nothing left, but he somehow finds away (usually by laughing at me). He knows when to push, but he also knows when to back off.

Once you spend time with Eddie, you’ll come to realise training is his passion. He is a folder of knowledge, and continually strives to learn more to make him a better trainer. Eddie has all the attributes you want when looking for a great personal trainer (trust me I know, I’ve had some shockers!).  One look at the man, and you’ll also know he practices what he preaches!

I have been training with Eddie for the past 4 months, and despite the pain he puts me through, I still come back for more!