I spent a weekend researching personal training companies in London, looking for somewhere that would help me to get in shape fast for the Summer and thought UP to be the best place for me by far. I was not wrong!

What do you feel that you have achieved:
I very quickly dropped a dress size, in about 4 weeks. I had a number of beautiful suits and casual outfits in my wardrobe in a lower size, some of which I had never worn, and I fitted into them easily and quickly. I started to develop strength, form and muscle tone very quickly also, and felt / feel a lot better both physically and mentally since starting the training and nutrition plan with my wonderful trainer Daria.

What have you learned:
I have learned that to be at my most healthy and attractive I need to exercise hard regularly, and follow a healthy eating plan. I have learned that weight training is flipping hard work! I have learned that when I think I cannot do any more, with the support and push of a great trainer I always can.

What’s next for you:
After completing my initial programme of 18 workout sessions I have now signed up for a further 18 sessions. I would like to think I will keep this up for life, and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. I would like to drop another dress size and maintain.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
Having worked with a number of personal trainers, at a number of gyms across the city, UP Fitness is undoubtedly the best. The atmosphere in the gym is one of serious fitness and respect, and the trainers are excellent, motivating and inspiring. The supplement advice and routine also makes a big difference to general health, concentration and clarity. I would recommend UP Fitness without reservation.