I had reached a plateau in my current training regime, no longer developing further nor losing any more weight.  While I’ve had personal trainers before, I decided to opt for Ultimate Performance due to the professional nature of the trainers and the comprehensive training programme.

What do you feel that you have achieved:
There has been a dramatic change in my physique and strength.  I have noticeably developed a much more muscular body and while my weight remains a struggle, I have also learned how to control it better.

What have you learned:
Apart from a variety of additional training programmes, the key issue I have learned is how my body responds to certain food groups.  It is very unfortunate that those things I really love (pastries, desserts, beer) directly goes to my love handles, but being aware of that, an combining elements of the initial diet I started with, I am generally able to control my weight much more successfully.
What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
Generally I find the training programmes challenging with committed, knowledgeable personal trainers.  You need your own motivation to be successful (although I am sure that motivations will be supplied if ask!), but if you are serious about your training, then Ultimate Performance is the place to train.