I had been training for approximately 10 years and realised I had never achieved the goals I set out with at the start. What do you feel that you have achieved:

UP, specifically Michael Porter, helped me to achieve goals I did not think were within my capabilities. My physique transformed in a matter of weeks and eyes definitely turned on the beach.

What have you learned:

UP taught me how professionals train. Among many shocking principles learned, I had never previously been introduced to the concept of increased time under tension. Although four second negatives are painful, the results speak for themselves. When I train today I still sometimes imagine Nick and Michael telling me I can do an extra 3 reps, and manage to get them out.

What’s next for you:

Due to the time imposition of a masters, my training has been put on the backburner but am glad to say that the principles learnt from UP have meant that in the last four weeks I have dropped 5 KG of fat whilst retaining and even building muscle mass. Once I am back to the shape I was when I left UP, I shall definitely be returning for another stint.