I’d been attempting to lift weights and pack on muscle mass in the past, but with little success. Nick’s words on the website were well-written (unlike most other personal training websites!) and persuasive. When I read them I decided it was time to re-approach that goal again. I was also aware that I had a bodyfat percentage that was well above the recommended level and wanted to do something about that. Also, the principles seemed rigorously grounded in nutritional science, and I wanted to learn more about that too.

What do you feel that you have achieved:
Have made definite progress on the first goal, with an approx 6% bodyfat loss.

What have you learned:
I got as much out of the package in this regard as I did the sessions. Learned that alternating sets and the 4-exercise circuits are a more efficient way of doing things. Learned a lot about supplementation and nutrition and how to apply it to my particular hormonal profile.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
I would say that UP are smart and know what they’re doing, BUT  be prepared not just to work hard, but to completely overhaul your lifestyle. Sticking to the diet (and not just avoiding the junk) requires a lot of discipline. For a person who is not the most organised, I would advise them to have some sort of regular half-healthy eating pattern established before joining UP.