I was quite sceptical of Personal Trainers from the get-go as I had completed a 12 week programme earlier in the year with a London based Biosignature Modulation trainer, but didn’t quite achieve the goals that were initially set out, so I was looking for a solution.  I still had the same goal, and in my research came across Ultimate Performance which focused on strength training combined with sound nutritional advice.

What do you feel that you have achieved:
In 6 weeks, I lost 5% body fat which was something I had never done before, which gave me the motivation I needed to persevere.  It also increased my self-confidence and made me both physically and mentally stronger.

What have you learned:
Rich has played a pivotal role in encouraging me to stay motivated, to follow the nutritional advice given to achieve my personal results.  He is always happy to answer my barrage of questions with a knowledgeable answer.  Ultimately, the results hinge on me following his guidance to the letter!

What’s next for you:
More of the same – body composition is now a priority.  The feeling of euphoria and well-being is fantastic!

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:

If you’re prepared to work hard and be conscientious to your Trainer and yourself in and out of the gym – you won’t regret it.