I was desperate to lose weight and regain my confidence after putting on over 10kg after one year of getting married.

What do you feel that you have achieved:
Definitely regained my confidence back.  Feel strong and fitter than I have in years.

What have you learned:
Balance and moderation.  Indulge in my favourite foods but also work out hard in the time I have allocated.
Before I used to go to the gym and work out for 50min on the cross trainer where as now I make sure to make every workout count.  By challenging myself with interval training I have found my body responds better and I get results.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
Amazing, dedicated team that want you to achieve results and succeed. Was challenging but definitely worth it.  You definitely need to be committed to see results, however with a personal trainer like Howard Pearson who had the patience and belief that I could succeed kept me motivated to keep going and pushing my boundaries.