I had read a Men’s Health article where the editor had gone through a 10 week transformation under the guidance for Nick Mitchell. I was very impressed by the transformation and had had mixed results with the personal trainers I had used in the past. The transformation was amazing and because I saw similarity with body shape and discipline, I thought I would see what results I could achieve with Nick.
What do you feel that you have achieved:
I was surprised by the amazing change in my body along with the improvement with my own happiness and confidence.  In the initial phase of training, I thought seeing an end result was quite unachievable, Nick however was always encouraging and showed dedication to helping me achieve my goals.  He was quite inspirational and helped change the way I live my life.
While I had a break from training with UP due to surgery, it became all too easy to slip into old habits and that was reflected in my mood and overall fitness. Returning to UP after the break and training has been and continues to be the best part of my Saturdays. I’m quickly getting back to my former healthy self.

What have you learned:
In order to achieve the fitness levels, strength and body shape that I have admired in others,  takes dedication and discipline from oneself but also is massively helped along by the continued encouragement and focus of the team at UP. I have also learned what types of food affect my body and how best to live a healthier lifestyle.

What’s next for you:
I want to continue to improve upon the gains that I have been making, and progress further to building up my frame. What I had thought in the past was impossible for my body seems more than possible with Ultimate Performance.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
I am very proud of the change I have made to my life with the help of the guys at UP. I could not be more complimentary about the dedication and support the team provides to its clients. Although there is a lot of hard work to achieve ones goals, it is completely worth the sweat and effort. I’m always telling people who ask how I changed my body that is all down to the guys at Ultimate Performance.