I started receiving the Ultimate Performance news letter and read Nick Mitchell’s articles about BioSignature Modulation. For probably about 15 months I had some stomach problems and for a long time had suffered with allergy related problems. Also I had been for a full medical check-up with a number of specialists to be told basically nothing major was wrong with me. So something in Nick’s initial article prompted me to read up further on BioSignature. At the time I felt that I was working hard in the gym and had made modifications in my diet however was not receiving the benefits of my hard work. As nothing I did exercise wise or had changed by myself was working I finally realised I could only benefit from getting help. The more I read about BioSignature the more I was convinced I could benefit from getting an assessment. I had read Ultimate Performance & Nick Mitchell was the best in London so felt it would be worth the money and investment in myself to book in for a BioSignature assessment.

What do you feel that you have achieved:

I think it has only been a month since my initial assessment however I have not felt this good in 15 months or so! I am starting to see results and although I still some time to achieve my goals I can see that I am now on the right road to achieve them.

What have you learned:

I think I have learned a lot in a short space of time. I have learned that you can put in a lot of hard work but if there for example there is something not right with your hormonal balance then without the right help you are wasting your time with countless hours of exercise. I will also admit for a number of years I did a lot of cardio and can now see the benefit of limiting cardio to a minimum of 2 days a week and concentrating on weights. In addition I have also learnt about the effects on your body of eating certain foods.

What’s next for you:

I am already feeling great health wise. Following the programme of supplements that Justin Maguire has put together for me and what to eat vs what not to eat! I am very confident that I am now on the right track and have programme to meet my goals of becoming more toned and getting my body fat down to an acceptable leave for myself.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:

I should note I have not signed up for a personal training programme due the fact I live on the other side of London and my work situation. However in the short amount of time I have found my experience with Ultimate Performance an extremely positive one and would only have good things to say. My experience with Justin Maguire has been wonderful : He is truly a professional and is definitely very good at what he does. After my initial appointment I was so surprised to get a phone call from him to see how I was doing with my programme. So then it got me thinking WOW – he really does care about helping me meet my goals. And yes the hard work is up to me however Justin has put something together that is going to be right for me and I find he gives me the inspiration to be confident and know that within a few months I am going to be where I want to be.