Work and general life stress had gotten the best of me – I had allowed myself to get out of shape and overweight. While I had some success working out independently at Virgin Active and with some exercise equipment at home, what I needed was a more dramatic shift in changing my entire approach to personal health. I joined UPfitness with a friend from the office and the two of us have been going strong – typically 3 or 4 times a week when schedules allow.
Justin Maguire (my personal trainer), has provided a constant source of support towards helping me achieve my objectives – additionally he openly provides feedback (both positive and negative!) pending my success against jointly set goals. This support and feedback, in combination with a wealth of weightlifting and nutritional knowledge, has changed my entire approach towards health.

What do you feel that you have achieved?
Besides the fact that I have lost a considerable about of body fat and become much stronger & flexible, the life changes are the most significant. Clothes fitting the right way, being stronger than when I was 20 years old, etc, have all changed my outlook to the positive at work, in leisure sports, in my personal life, etc.  The most significant life change has been that the training has given me a constructive outlet for stress.

What have you learned:
Getting healthy is a decision and, like anything important in life, requires a lot of hard work. With Justin, I have learned how to achieve my goals in terms of proper diet and exercise regime.  I have learned a massive amount about body mechanics / types of exercise regimes and have spent a significant amount of time with Justin Maguire, Nick Mitchell and various other trainers/sources about the actual organic chemistry behind why certain diets, supplements and exercise regimes work. I live in a world of cold hard facts, and knowing exactly why I am doing certain things and subsequently seeing the predicted results has done a great deal towards keeping me on / facilitating restarts of my program.

What’s next for you:
My next objective is to successfully integrate this diet / exercise regime into a heavy travel schedule (on the road 3 or 4 days a week) and continue on my path towards a lower body-fat %. Additionally, I have begun working with another trainer in the Paul Street EC2 gym to pick up boxing in order to get in some additional cardiovascular exercise.

What would you be willing to tell others about your experience with us:
As long as you are willing to put in the effort, the approach works.  In my office, a number of additional colleagues joined the gym because of the results that they saw me achieve. I didn’t need to tell them anything. But I am always open to discuss my experiences.