“I wanted to drop you a note with some feedback, with particular regard to Justin Maguire.

I’m sure it was fairly obvious that coming to UP in the early days was somewhat out of my comfort zone. I’d never been to a gym before (remarkable, but true) and I was unsure how easy it would be for me to fit into the UP environment, which is not exactly gym-lite, never mind how I would cope with the novel concept of moving around. All of which should go some way in explaining how pleased and grateful I am that I was assigned to Justin.

He set me at ease very quickly and was, and has remained, hugely supportive of my efforts, as though my goals matter as much to him as they do to me. He has pushed me on and created a demanding but supportive  environment. I’m conscious that the foregoing might sound like so much fluff, but I think it’s a key point; my confidence – in my physical abilities and otherwise – was not high, but I came to realise that if Justin was asking me to do something, it was most likely because I could, with effort, do it or would soon be able to. That was something of a breakthrough, and I credit Justin for the change in my mindset.

I am also impressed by his knowledge. He has been remarkably patient in responding to my demands to know the whys and wherefores of each exercise and every supplement.

Of course, though, the proof is in the pudding (or, in my case, the lack of it…mostly…); I’ve also achieved the more tangible goals of weight loss and improvement in fitness that I set when I started at your gym, but with Justin’s help am aiming higher still. With each month, I can see positive physical changes and I feel much healthier due to his programme. But the changes are not just physical – although training has not become any easier, it has become incredibly enjoyable. I can’t quite believe that I can say that, but it is a testament to Justin that I can.”