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Ultimate Performance is the world’s most pre-eminent personal training business.

We are also a trusted voice of authority among the world’s media. The extraordinary quality of our transformations is unrivalled in the health and fitness industry, and our clients regularly feature in newspapers, magazines, and websites across the globe.

At Ultimate Performance, we also pride ourselves on providing journalists with genuine expertise from the world’s best personal trainers. We welcome media enquiries from journalists, and our elite personal trainers can provide trusted and research-backed comments on a range of health and fitness topics. We can also arrange media interviews with our clients.

For any press or media enquiries, please email our PR Manager: [email protected]

Latest news

Train Like A Celebrity With These New Body Transformation Apps

Ultimate Performance has released the first-ever digital apps in the company's history. UP Transform, and UP On Demand, work hand-in-hand and will empower people to sculpt their dream physique.

How Lockdown Spurred This Man on to Lose over 50kg in Nine Months

When Sam Chadwick came out of lockdown, he realised his lifestyle had completely spiralled out of control and he was the heaviest he had ever been. With the help of U.P., he lost a staggering 50kg.

How This Ex-Private Banker Overcame Stage Three Breast Cancer And Transformed Her Life With Exercise

Exercising with U.P. helped breast cancer survivor and advocate Julianne transform her life and mindset.

Lack of ‘sufficient’ sleep can lead to 11% increase in visceral fat in the belly – study

Lack of 'sufficient' sleep can lead to 11% increase in visceral fat in the belly, according to a study. Emily Servante, from Ultimate Performance, explains why, and how you can improve your sleep.

The Surprising Work-From-Home Trick That Helped This Guy Get Shredded

When his son was born, Alex decided to lose weight and get in shape to be strong for the future for both of their sakes. Along the way, he discovered some power tips for helping your workday support your get-in-shape efforts. Here, he reveals how he did it.

Woman made ‘radical change’ to lifestyle and shed 3st – ‘I feel amazing!’

Following the death of her mother and her grandmother in the same year, Nur's grief led her into depression and comfort eating. With the help of U.P., she not only now has an incredible physique, but is the happiest and most confident she has ever been.

Good things come to those who weight: Sloane Stanley secures Ultimate Performance flagship on Fulham Road

Ultimate Performance announces it has secured a fantastic location in the heart of Chelsea to build a new gym - the latest in the company's ever-expanding portfolio of global gyms.

This Guy Lost 54 Pounds and Got Absolutely Shredded in 6 Months

At 46, Austin Cowburn wanted to overcome injuries and get back to feeling his best. With the help of Ultimate Performance, this is how he did it.

Leeds nurse left in ‘dark place’ by fight to save elderly patients during Covid-19 pandemic transforms health

NHS nurse Isabel Vickers was left burnt out from the stress of working on the frontline during the national lockdowns. Understandably, she turned to comfort food and drink, and piled on weight. But by working with U.P. and weight training for the first time in her life, she has undergone a stunning mental and physical transformation.

The Major Diet Changes That Helped This Guy Achieve a 24-Pound Weight Loss

As a teenager, Kush Kapoor struggled with being either overweight, or the dreaded "skinny fat". Now, with the help of Ultimate Performance, his incredible physique has been featured in Men's Health.

6 tips for getting your workout routine back on track

Get your routine moving again with these workout tips from Ultimate Performance gym manager Dhaval Dhruva.

‘Lost 2.6st!’ Woman ‘amazed’ by weight loss programme that saw her ‘body fat melt away’

NHS matron Isabel struggled with the pressures of working on the frontline during the pandemic. Her weight, and her mental health, suffered as a result. With the help of Ultimate Performance, she is now in the best shape - mentally and physically - of her life.