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Ultimate Performance is the world’s most pre-eminent personal training business.

We are also a trusted voice of authority among the world’s media. The extraordinary quality of our transformations is unrivalled in the health and fitness industry, and our clients regularly feature in newspapers, magazines, and websites across the globe.

At Ultimate Performance, we also pride ourselves on providing journalists with genuine expertise from the world’s best personal trainers. We welcome media enquiries from journalists, and our elite personal trainers can provide trusted and research-backed comments on a range of health and fitness topics. We can also arrange media interviews with our clients.

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Latest news

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‘We were addicted to takeaways but lost 7 stone and it has saved our marriage’

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I did 100 push ups a day for a week – here’s 5 things I learnt

T3.com reporter Bryony Firth-Bernard followed the advice of U.P. Global Head of Gym Floor Execution Eddie Baruta and performed 100 press-ups a day for a week. These are her results.

Struggle with press-ups? This workout hack is genius

Eddie Baruta, U.P.'s Global Head of Gym Floor Execution, gives his expertise on how to perform the perfect push-up.

This Guy Lost Nearly 30 Pounds and Got Ripped with Three Simple Shifts

A new relationship with food and drinks helped Ajay Sohoni achieve an incredible new physique at the Ultimate Performance Singapore gym.

Unveiling London’s Best-Kept Fitness Secret: The Underground Gym Revolution

This features explores Ultimate Performance's London gyms - the 'best kept secrets' of the capital's fitness scene. Go behind the scenes to see what makes U.P. so successful in London, despite gyms that are hidden away and out of plain sight.

Why going sober could be the key to fitness success

Ultimate Performance Founder, and Global CEO, Nick Mitchell, talks to The Independent about why ditching the booze could be key to getting the most out of your fitness regime.

Full body workouts at home: exercises, benefits and tips from a personal trainer

Ultimate Performance's Emily Servante details a comprehensive full body workout guide, with recommendations and advice on how people can get fit in their own home.

Should I worry about skipping breakfast?

In this exclusive Guardian story, Ultimate Performance's Aroosha Nekonam discusses whether skipping breakfast is a cause for concern.