Georgios felt ashamed and embarrassed after seeing a photo of himself during the Coronavirus pandemic where he had gained 10kg.

Lockdown restrictions and recent arm surgery meant staying in shape was way down his list of priorities.

Georgios was eating uncontrollably but didn’t realise the damage he was doing until he saw himself in front of a camera.

He was so disappointed that he even considered ‘fat burning’ injections to try to feel good about himself.


Working with a U.P. trainer flicked a switch for 34-year-old Georgios. His achievable, simple-to-follow fat-loss plan helped him drop weight and build strength – rebuilding his self-esteem.

His all-encompassing training package helped him lose 11kg to become the most healthy, confident version of himself in just 13 weeks.

“The training has helped me push my mental barriers.

“I’m now at the lowest weight I have ever been since I can remember in adult life.

“U.P. teach you lessons and values that you can apply any time of your life no matter how old or young you are.”

Here, Georgios speaks about how his mind was put at ease by the scientific approach U.P. took, and how he achieved results in 13 weeks he ‘didn’t think were possible.’



What was your diet and lifestyle like before U.P.?

In my mind, I thought I had a very healthy lifestyle and I was driven by eating high protein and low carbs. I never really knew about macros and calculating them to get the very best results.

I would go to the gym two or three times a week, so I felt like I was exercising enough. Overall, I thought I was healthy, which I realised was not the case after joining U.P.



How was your previous lifestyle making you feel?

I was feeling lethargic throughout the day and my body was feeling very heavy. The real low point for me was in the summer of 2020, after my arm surgery. I was in a Coronavirus environment where the gyms were closed back home in Greece.

I started eating uncontrollably but didn’t realise, so I put on 10kg and weighed around 91kg. I didn’t realise what I looked like until I saw a picture of myself taken by someone else during that time.

It really affected my confidence and I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I had never been like that before, so it really affected my confidence and self-esteem.



What makes U.P. so different to other personal trainers?

Where do I even start? Every session at U.P., you get pushed to your limits. There’s no mucking around. You are in there for a reason – to hit your goals.

Everything is scientifically thought out. My trainer split my 12-week plan into three separate phases where each section had a specific goal.

It deconstructed my plan into small compartments, making it easy for me to understand what we were trying to achieve. The step-by-step approach was straightforward to follow.



How much has your body changed since working with your trainer?

Since starting at U.P., I have now dropped 11kg and the training itself has helped me push mental barriers. The pain threshold that I had, or how much I can endure during training, has increased significantly.

But at the same time, I’m now at the lowest weight I have ever been since I can remember in adult life. However, I can lift more weight than ever before.



What are the most powerful lessons you have learned about training and nutrition?

The most powerful lessons that I’ve learned throughout this process at U.P. are the training and nutrition. I’ll start with training.

I’ve known you need to try and push yourself every session to do a little bit more. Throughout this process, you really learn about what you need to eat.

Not only your calories, but also specific macros that I previously didn’t know anything about. I’ve learned how to control my diet when I’m not training or when I’m training alone. The whole experience is a lesson that you carry with you for life.



After having some time away from the gym at Christmas, how helpful was your trainer in guiding you through that period?

Without the guidance of U.P. and my trainer in those two weeks, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

I knew he was there looking at what I was eating as long as I was logging everything, which I was.

So, I was being held accountable for my results which was helpful. It was like a big brother overlooking his younger brother, ensuring he’s not backtracking on his progress.


What’s the secret behind the successful formula at U.P.?

It is not one single thing, but a magic ingredient for me is just showing up. It doesn’t matter how low you feel, it doesn’t matter how depleted you feel, as long as you show up to the gym, you know you will be worked hard.

No matter how drained you are you will always spend that one-hour working hard and making progress. Overall, it’s a learning experience that you carry with you, and you can’t attribute any tangible value to those things.

These are just lessons and values that you can apply any time of your life no matter how old or young you are.


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