It’s incredible what a difference losing weight can make.

Mike’s astonishing body transformation at U.P. has seen him lose 88lbs (40kg) in 33 weeks and trim an incredible 16 inches (40cm) from his waistline.

The construction company operations director says his life-changing weight loss has made him a different person.

He has gone from being an overweight, tired and stressed 40-year-old whose niece used to call ‘fat’, to a super-fit, positive and outgoing executive with fire in his belly to achieve even greater goals.

Mike says it has made him feel 10 years younger and says he is in better physical shape than when he played football for Scottish League One club Forfar Athletic as a teenager in the 90s.

“I feel great. I’m really, really pleased with my results.

“I’ve dropped from 254lbs (115kg) to 167lbs (76kg) and my body fat has gone down from 40% to 11%.

“A few people that I have known for a long time haven’t recognised me when I’ve walked past them.

“I feel great and wake up every day looking forward to what the day brings. I feel 10 years younger since starting at U.P.”

Mike explains how he had tried fad diets before, what changed with his nutrition when he came to U.P. and the most powerful things he learned from his trainer to keep the weight off and maintain his new body for good.

What were your motivations for starting a transformation with UP?

U.P. was mentioned to me by someone I met, they hadn’t been, but had heard great things about it.

I searched the internet and liked the transformations and results that other people had experienced and thought I’d try it.



  • We show you the best, we don't show you the worst.
  • We show you people who follow the plans, not those who are all talk.
  • We show you those who inspire even us with their commitment to their results.
  • You cannot get results exactly like these. You are unique and that means you can only get your own best possible results.
  • Your results are a function of time spent following the plan; your genetic response to the right exercise and diet program; how hard you train; how consistently you come to the gym; how disciplined you are with your diet; & your starting point.
  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
  • We cannot do the work for you and the results you see here are a testament to the work ethic of our clients.
  • Our reputation is that we are the best trainers in the world for helping you to unlock your potential, & we can lead you to the door, give you the key, even turn the handle and push the door open, but we cannot walk through it for you.
    In the end the result is down to you.

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