This isn't a world quite like you're used to.

This is world class personal training in a world class private gym right in the heart of High Street, Kensington, London

And yet there won't be a chrome machine or fluffy towel in sight.


If you want a spa-like environment then go somewhere else.

If you want a rent-a-friend trainer then we are not for you.

If you want the standard L.A. personal trainer who works in the gym to fuel his acting / modeling / bodybuilding fantasy then our personal training career professionals aren’t going to be what you want.

We don't want, need, or even aim for you to "like" us. Friendship is a bonus, not a goal.

All that we care about is that you listen, that we communicate with each other, and that your work rate matches your goal.

And this is why we've been heralded as 'the world's leading Personal Trainers'.

Because we focus on results, not promises.



We focus only on the things we are good at. Namely, giving you, our clients, the appropriate training, nutrition and lifestyle advice to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time.


We can't do it without you. It's a collaborative team effort and we walk with you on every step of your journey, be it a 10lb weight loss goal or a total body recomposition.


"I can’t tell you how excited and pleased I am to be writing to you about our plans for the opening of UP London Kensington in February of 2018.

In February of 2018 we will open the doors of our amazing new London Kensington private gym at HSK address, and bring the unique culture and methodologies that have seen us become the world’s first genuinely international personal training business with our own facilities dotted across the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Australia and the Middle and Far East.

Reputation is hard won yet easily lost and as a result we have had to work diligently to ensure that what we can give to you is the same in Kensington as in our other multi-award winning gyms.

We have headhunted some of the best  Personal Trainers, as well as relocating some of our top results producing personal trainers from our other London teams to lead our new Kensington practice and to ensure the standards, the culture, and the transformations we produce continue to set the pace for the entire global personal training industry.

Our London Kensington gym will be truly unique in the city. Just as with all UP gyms it will not be a small studio where trainers are climbing on top of one another, atmosphere is hard to come by, and exercise variation limited by the confines of space and lack of equipment. Nor is it a big box commercial gym where numbers are everything and results are, to be frank, none existent.

At UP Kensington, the client’s results rule everything that we do. I know these are grand words that everyone in any service industry should be saying, so perhaps I should stop writing and let you have a glimpse below of what is in store for London Kensington from February 2018!"

The Goldman Sachs, Real Madrid and Apple of Personal Training. They’re that far ahead of the field.


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