What happens when the world’s leading Personal Trainers takes over Sydney’s leading Personal Training gym, Clean Health? After a million dollar upgrade you get U.P. Sydney and a culture of maximum results in minimum time that Australia’s most international city has long been crying out for.

Sydney is full of great gyms of that there can be no doubt, but it’s not full of great Personal Training gyms in the U.P. mould.

There has never been a high quality gym that catered to the serious trainer, to the man or woman who wanted to get something a little extra from their gym sessions and who didn’t take a “little extra” to mean a bank of plasma screens in which to watch MTV whilst they spin their wheels not losing body fat on the exercise bikes. Yes, there are both plenty of hardcore bodybuilding gyms and scores of smaller PT studios, but none of these have the qualities of a U.P. gym.

What makes U.P. Sydney so unique is that we have created a gym environment and venue where any Olympic athlete could train, but we have designed it for so-called regular people who want maximise the efficiency of the limited time that they can exercise and achieve results in months, or even weeks, that usually take years.

We are not trying to talk down Sydney’s Personal Training studios, but they all cater more for other professional trainers’ needs above “ordinary people”. Weightlifting, powerlifting and Ido Portal inspired bodyweight training are all excellent forms of exercise, but they are not optimal tools for rapidly changing your body composition. And it is that ability to rapidly improve our clients’ bodies that has seen U.P. heralded as the world’s leading personal trainers, and pushed us become the only international PT business on the planet with gyms stretching from Los Angeles and London, to Dubai, Hong Kong and Australia.

Why do we think our Sydney personal training gym is so special? Let’s look at the list of reasons:

  1. We are a
  2. We are not a personal training studio. We feel like a gym, are kitted out with equipment selected from all over the world, and have the energy and vibrancy of what for want of a better description we can call a “real gym”.
  3. We are not a hardcore bodybuilding gym, but we mean business. Everyone is welcome in our gym, we do not care about your ability, fitness, or current body fat and muscle levels. We only care about your attitude. If you are not serious about wanting to improve yourself there are plenty of Fitness Firsts and Virgin Actives where you would feel more comfortable.
  4. We are a family. As sentimental as this may sound it is also very true. Our founder Nick Mitchell has created a nurturing environment where everyone pulls for the other. Given that we impose a limit on the number of personal trainers who are allowed to be on the gym floor at any one time you quickly get to know all the faces and names and be inspired by the hard work and results of others.
  5. We are the best equipped personal training gym in Sydney. No other private gym can offer the range and quality of equipment that our clients have at their disposal. You can take your pick as to your goal and our equipment can be adapted to help you reach your goals: be they fat loss, building bigger muscles, or just getting super fit.


All our equipment is custom made from world leading exercise and training equipment vendors. We insist on the best to achieve the ultimate results.


Basement Level, 499 Kent St.
Sydney NSW 2000

P: +61 2 9267 5487

E: [email protected]

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