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We have added even more to our group training offering and extended the gym to include a massive cardio and conditioning section downstairs below the reception.   

This area has been designed to help you accelerate your fat loss to the next level, either as a primary way of training or as an add-on to your current weight training program in the main gym.   

So what’s new?

Xebex curve treadmills

First up, we’ve got four brand new Xebex curve treadmills designed for high speed, high-intensity training. Maximum effort means maximum fat loss on these machines, but they can also be used for long-distance running for those of you who like to ‘sweat out the weekend’ with long Monday runs.

The curve of the track means lower impact on your joints, better mechanics, and a greater degree of hip extension, meaning your glutes work harder, and your mobility increases with each step.   

They take some time to get used to and will highlight poor running posture, but once you’ve got the technique right, they’re great fun to throw into a circuit.   

Tip 1

Posture is everything when you are using these.  If you lean or lurch forward into poor posture, the treadmill speed will increase and get away from you. If you keep good posture and your head up, the track will be easy to control at a comfortable pace.  


Concept2 rowers

Next, we have brought in four Concept2 rowers, perfect for either long duration, slower-paced cardio bouts or hardcore, fast and furious sprints. We love rowing as a cardio option because it uses your full body, meaning loads of calories burned. Rowing also primarily uses the pulling muscles that are often underused, resulting in poor posture.   

Tip 2

Think long, slow and deep strokes when rowing. If you rush back and forth, you will lack resistance on the machine and end up with an extremely inefficient technique. Take your time and try to generate progressive force on the way back.   

Full racks of kettlebells

You’ll see we’ve added a few full racks of kettlebells too. They are incredible for building huge amounts of strength and endurance in a dynamic, functional and fun way.   

Kettlebells became a thing in 19th century Russia and since then, they have gained in popularity as a simple, effective and accessible way to get in shape while developing all facets of fitness, especially cardiovascular health.   

Tip 3

Technique is everything with kettlebells. It takes time to learn and shouldn’t be rushed. If you aren’t sure how to do them correctly, please ask a member of our training staff to spend some time with you to master the techniques before you get going.   

Full set of dumbbells and benches

As part of the expansion, we’ve added another full set of dumbbells and benches down there too. Even though we’ve got multiple sets both indoors and outdoors, we are aware that some members can struggle with the wider grip dumbbells in the main gym, so we’ve got you another set of standard grips to use inside.   

Tip 4

Wide grip dumbbells are used because they force you to grip harder. This creates a stronger neural link to the muscles, and dramatically increases the strength progression on certain movements. This can also have carry-over to injury prevention and rehabilitation.   

Callisthenics and conditioning equipment

Finally, you’ll see a range of callisthenics and conditioning equipment down there to use as you wish. So, get down there, explore and have fun. We’ve put together a few simple sample workouts for you to try just in case you aren’t sure where to get started.   

WORKOUT 1 – Beginner  

Kettlebell goblet squat10 reps
Push-up10 reps
Box step-up10 reps (each leg)
Kettlebell row10 reps (each arm)
Wall balls10 reps
Run1 minute

Try doing this for 5 or more rounds with as little rest as you can manage. 

WORKOUT 1 – Intermediate

Kettlebell squat20 reps
Kettlebell overhead press20 reps
Box jump10 reps
Push-up20 reps
Run1 minute
Row1 minute

WORKOUT 1 – Advanced

Kettlebell swing20 reps
Run   1 minute
Push-up20 reps
Run1 minute
Body rowAMRAP
Run1 minute
Kettlebell squat20 reps
Row1 km

Give these a go, and let us know how you got on.   

DISCLAIMER | Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances | Timeframes for results are not guaranteed | Willpower is always required!

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