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Body transformation experts, Ultimate Performance, have arrived in Dubai and want you to be a part of the revolution.


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Welcome to the world of UP Fitness Dubai. This isn’t a world quite like you’re used to.

This is world class personal training in a world class private gym right in the heart of Dubai. And there’s not a chrome machine or fluffy towel in sight.




Sheridan 9 weeks transformation results - front
Leanne 12 week fat loss results
Sukh 12 week transformation results - front
Rachael 21 weeks results
Ryan's 12 Week Transformation
Mags 16 week fat loss transformation

* Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances | Your time frame for results is not guaranteed | Willpower is always required!


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One-to-One Personal Training

This is the service that has seen UP hailed as “the world’s leading personal trainers”.

Our results speak for themselves, and if you think that now is the time to take charge of your health and body composition, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will schedule a time for you to come visit us and see if we are the right fit for you.

Female Fat Loss

Meltdown For Female Fat Loss, our radical and proven 12 week programme exclusively for women tailored to your specific fat loss and weight loss needs.
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Male Fat Loss

We have been fine tuning our 6 Week Meltdown Fat Loss regime for over fifteen years, and now have perfected it to the point that after 2 weeks of working with you we can tell you almost exactly how much body fat you should drop in the remaining 4 weeks.
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12 Weeks Muscle Building

12 Weeks to a muscular new you! We know that so many of you reading this will have been wasting months or even years simply spinning your wheels and never advancing from those first flush of gains you made when you first started weight training.
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For more details and pricing for Ultimate Performance Dubai click below.


For more details and pricing for Ultimate Performance Dubai click below.



Emirates Financial Towers,
5. Al Sukook Street
00000 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
[email protected]

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Google Rating
UP Fitness was unknown to me, until five weeks ago. I signed up for what turned out to become a life changing journey. Five weeks into their well structured program I have lost 7kg, dropped my body fat% to 15 and gained much more strength and stamina. My techniques are also greatly improved. Imagine the results after ten weeks! Scott Caller, my PT, deserves full credit for the achievements, he’s a great motivator and pushes me to excel. Tank you!read more
Richard Lundgren
07:02 26 Sep 19
I gave up hope on losing weight, due to my constant travel and working in hospitality. I started my journey with UP earlier this year and even though I have take longer than most for the transformation, I cannot be happier. My trainer Ben works with me to manage my lifestyle and strive to achieve goals that really are achievable. I am enjoying the new me, a new lease of life and cannot think the team at UP for their dedication to work with more
Sarah Walker-Kerr
10:08 17 Sep 19
If you want results – this is the only place to go. Leave your excuses at the door and get ready to see monumental changes in how you look and feel. My trainer Laurent is beyond an expert in his field – there simply aren’t enough amazing words to describe his capability and passion to deliver incredible mind and body transformations.UP is nothing short of exceptional. Well done team UP!read more
09:44 08 Sep 19
I am in a wellness and muscle recovery industry, so I know what it means to write a review and how important to be honest in the review to make it beneficial for other people and for the company to improve their services needed.I reduce my body fat % in 11 weeks from 21 to 13 and counting, I increased my muscle strength and bodylook, so the best thing to say is thank you UP and best personal trainer Nikola, I would not achieve what I achieved without having a very well organized training and well trained personal trainer.the main and most important benefits for me were:1- the program is designed for me especially.2- the personal trainer is involved in every step of your training and diet inside the gym and outside the gym and Nikola was always available to answer me for my concerns and/or questions even when I asked him if I can eat Cheese Cake during my diet :).3- the support and encouragement from your personal trainer in each step and during the last reps which if you are alone you will not even try to reach it.4- no fake advice to anyone who really look to make a body transformation in a right way with experienced gym, is go for UP it is worth more
tawfiq atari
10:21 02 Sep 19
A fantastic experience. Consistent trainers, good structure. Credit to Niko who pushed me considerably with discipline and always kept in touch The training is second to none, Form and Food is everything. I highly recommend this gym especially for a transformation or just to gain discipline and knowledge on doing things the right way. Great more
Sam Kaur
13:40 30 Jul 19
When I start out I had a long term goal, this being phase 1 to rebuild strength and fat lose after having a surgery on my clavicle and shoulder to fix an old sports injury that hindered my training. What attracted me to UP being the results achieved in a short period and the simplicity of the nutrient and training plan. From the commencement of the online training UP gave me the tools and with Toms support, constant follow ups and professional guidance especially tailoring the training around my shoulder rehabilitation got me back into training faster than I had expected. Post 6 months from a shoulder rebuilt I am very happy with my results to date. When starting this training you need to have a set goal, will power to stay on the path and push yourself. I definitely found this challenging at times, some initial mood swings from being hungry, but kept the end goal in mind and followed the nutrition and training plan.Now with phase one of the program finished the next goal being to continue on the UP online training journey to build strength and muscle mass.Finishing the 12 week program with good results does give you a sense of achievement with the added benefit to having a greater understanding of the basis nutrient requirements that has actually simplified meal planning whilst also enjoying the differing food groups. Like anything you need to find a balance and now 48 years young I can still enjoy an active life and further pushing my limits.I can honestly recommend UP to get you the results as they have the right tools and experience tailoring a balanced program to your needs. Thank you UP!read more
Matt Darling
12:46 22 Jul 19
UP Fitness Dubai is first class, extremely professional and it's an amazing training environment where you can really achieve your results. Not promises, results! Everyone is focused, fully committed and working hard. They make you believe you can get to a level you thought you could not reach. There is no comparison with other gyms or personal training programs. And I liked very much the hard work, not only the hard work required from my side but also from my trainer, Harjeet. His positive motivation, attention to details during the training, his consistent follow-up to make sure I was sticking to the nutrition plan was just great and definitely made the difference, giving me the motivation to do more and to achieve my results. I definitely recommend UP Fitness Dubai!read more
Giuseppe Turchetti
17:09 21 Jul 19
Best Training experience in Dubai which shows guaranteed results. Combination of Training and diet management under the guidance of trainer at this gym helped me in achieving the target I had in mind. I had joined for 12 weeks program with Trainer Nikola Zivkovic who was completely committed to make sure I reach my fitness more
Shad hussain
10:13 08 Jul 19
Excellent personal training facility, results were amazing in 12 weeks, lost 17kg and fat % down to 15, transformed my body, thanks Davide. It's not just the training, it's the end to end support and advice on diet, exercise and tracking progress that makes the difference. Highly more
17:02 03 Jul 19
Undoubtedly the best body composition and transformation gym in Dubai. They offer a bespoke program, tailored to individual needs and goals. My trainer Chris Beavers is extremely knowledgeable, very patient and always gives honest and constructive advice/feedback.Thanks to Chris and UP, I now have an overall better understanding of health and fitness, and I'm a lot fitter, healthier and slimmer.If you are serious about transforming your body and your lifestyle, then UP is the place for you. They have the best equipment and many world class trainers. I lost 8kg in 8 weeks and my body shape is totally different. My only regret is not starting with UP more
Haulwen Thomas
07:59 24 Jun 19
Top trainers using the best equipment. Highly recommended for anyone committed to improving their health/fitness.Trainers here are at the top of their field and always striving to expand their knowledge.There is no wasted space in the gym. All the equipment is carefully selected and placed leaving plenty of room for the track.The approach is 100% personal. Goals/nutrition/exercise tailored around the individual. My trainer Davide was always checking in outside of our sessions and pushing for the best results more
Majid Al Mutawaa
19:41 17 Jun 19
Absolutely awesome program. I always wondered how actors can transform their bodies from one movie to the next. This is it! UP program has shown me how to do it the right way. The intensity, monitoring and direction gets to great results in the promised time of you follow the plan. Really recomendableread more
Jose Valles
14:03 17 Jun 19
Great place to train and get an overall better understanding of health and fitness in Dubai. Trainers are all very professional and helpful. The results are a testimony to their support and dedication to their clients. I have been training with Fadel since the New Year and he has helped me not only get back to the fitness level I was at prior to moving to Dubai, but has helped me overcome injury and reduce my body fat faster than I thought more
Kelly Young
10:59 19 May 19
I had the most amazing experience and results at UP Dubai that far exceeded any of the training / PT I've done over the last 20 years. I'm fitter, healthier and stronger than I've ever been and have the body back that I had in my 20's! The program was bespoke to my needs but structured and disciplined to ensure the results were achieved. My trainer Matt was extremely knowledgeable and patient and always listened. He designed a program that worked around some injuries which has been key to the success. I'd strongly recommend to anybody who is serious about wanting to more
Cheryl Lynch
19:38 14 May 19
Commitment. That’s what you can expect when you sign up for UP Fitness. What do they expect from you? The same exact thing. Don’t come here if you are aren’t ready to define your fitness goals and be committed to achieve them. Do come here if you are ready to give it everything you got – because that is exactly what it takes. You will gain a relationship with your trainer that guides you the entire way. They'll push you through your resistance, strengthen your weaknesses, and instruct you how to live a healthy lifestyle. My trainer, Tom, critiqued most of what I thought to be correct and helped me push past mental barriers I struggled with. After 12 weeks working with him, I lost all of my stubborn body fat and have revealed the physique I haven’t seen for almost 10 years. Tom has helped me every step of the way and was even going through the same regimen, making me feel that we were both in this together. You’re accountable for your diet and activity, and your trainer will remind you of this every day. I’ll always recommend UP Fitness to anyone who is ready to seriously transform their mind, body, and more
Ryan Epstein
07:43 18 Apr 19
UP Dubai is amazing and I highly recommend Ben Chandler!I’ve been training at UP London City with Emily for a while (she is fantastic, check my review there) and took a couple of cover sessions with Ben while in Dubai. Gym: the UP Dubai is a great space, well-taken care of, great brand-new equipment and UP has the best trainers in the world - so if you are looking for results, that’s the place to go!Ben gave me a couple of cover sessions which were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Ben did a brilliant job motivating me to do more and pushing me but also noticing when it was too much and I needed help. He is technically very good and also great at conveying that knowledge. He gave some really useful advise on how to improve my technique and he is really fun to be with which makes the whole session so much better. I highly recommend more
Antoinette Eltz
16:44 24 Mar 19
I have been doing the group sessions with Shane for a couple of months now and have been really enjoying them. Shane is a fantastic trainer, always makes sure your form is good and pushes you just the right amount. I have improved loads in the short time I have been going to UP. I would recommend the group sessions to anybody, beginner or advanced as they are always tailored to your ability and Shane will talk you though any exercises/machines you aren’t familiar with. Best gym I have been to in Dubai by far!read more
Bea B
15:59 24 Mar 19
It is the best fitness program I've ever being assigned to. I came to UP DIFC in November 2018. My weight was 97kg while my hight is 178cm. So I was "a bit" overweight. I signed up for 12 weeks program and start the journey with my personal trainer Matt. My target was to lose 20kg by end of Feb 2019, which we successfully achieved together. Matt was absolutely perfect. He was always on top of my progress and did not let me to sneak out, when it was very tough. The best thing in UP Dubai is that they not only focus on your physical side, but also change your mindset... your attitude to your body and your lifestyle. Since one month now I added daily jogging to my training sessions in UP. I'm doing 8-10 km daily now. This is something amazing and I could not really think about it just half a year ago. Thank you, Matt and UP Fitness. You really helped me to change my life. I would strongly recommend these guys to anyone, who is keen to change their body, lifestyle and mindset!read more
Alexander Kazartsev
07:03 04 Mar 19
I started training with Scott Caller and he has been absolutely amazing. He is extremely knowledgeable. Thanks to him, i am in the best shape of my life. I am a vegetarian and the recommendations made by him on my diet were fantastic. Also, he pushes you to the limit during the training:). In fact both physically and mentally i feel more stronger than ever.Thanks Scott!!read more
Piyush Gadoya
08:03 03 Mar 19
Most my life I have been a sporty person who lived in the gym and pool. For a few years I had not trained and was at the lowest point I could ever reach in my life with zero confidence and no motivation to go back.A friend told me about UP and his transformation. I did not believe or think this was possible as I had had four personal trainers in the past with hardly any results. Then I woke up one day, pulled myself out of my hole and made an appointment at UP. Mentally I was ready but knew I needed all the help possible, someone who understood me, could be tough and push me as well as motivate me. That was Shane 🙂 I have been training with Shane for a month now and had a body assessment the other day. I was blown away with my instant results (results only I dreamt of) Not only is Shane helping with my physical transformation but my emotional, inner self and confidence is shining again. I'm no longer lethargic and sleep so well at night. Shane believes in his clients and pushes me to limits I never knew I had. He has so much passion for what he does and is dedicated and committed. When he trains you he's with you 110% of the way. Shane has a wealth of knowledge to share. I really appreciate how he understands what the client wants and fits a meal plan and training program to help you reach your goal. UP is a place full of great energy but just want to give a massive thanks to Shane for being with me, encouraging and motivating me on this journey I've decided to take. He is by far amongst the top trainers out there. If you want an amazing transformation and are dedicated then Shane is for sure the trainer to get you there...Thanks more
michelle mellett
21:10 26 Feb 19
I have had a very positive experience at Ultimate Performance Dubai. When I joined I was quite nervous having never done anything like this before. However I was immediately put at ease and this has to be down to the fact that my own personal trainer Andreanne has been 100% supportive and committed to getting me the results I was after. Everything was clearly explained from the training down to really helpful lifestyle advice and information. I would highly recommend more
Laura Heywood
06:48 20 Feb 19
Having trained in three different gyms in Dubai, I must say that I am addicted to UP and have achieved personal milestones and records one after another. I started training with Scott Caller about 9 weeks ago and he makes the impossible possible. Scott is extremely knowledgeable and after defining targets together based on my body composition measurement and my own objective, he has personalized a training plan for me that involves an evolving nutrition program and tailored workout regime. Scott genuinely cares for my progress and checks on me constantly to ensure that I keep motivated. During the training hours, he is focused and pushes me to my limit and enables me to discover the strength that I thought I never had. I am in a much better shape than when I first started, both physically and mentally - thanks to UP and Scott. I am renewing for another 8 weeks and can’t wait to see more results!read more
Yolanda Han
07:39 06 Feb 19
My experience with UP has been amazing so far (6 months now). The energy in the gym is awesome and the team is very professional. It helps to know that there is continuous training for the trainers themselves. They've been eager to help and treat my goal as theirs. They give you the time you need and make adjustments that work for you. Most importantly they helped me develop healthy habits even outside the gym. I started going because I needed to, now I do enjoy going there!read more
Hanan Abboud
08:24 03 Feb 19
What an amazing gym! I have been trying to get back in shape for years due to few issues (sciatica and back), spent so much time and money and physio until I found UP! Tom Waite understood my situation and not only fixed my sciatica by aligning with my physio; he gave me confidence into training hard; and got me hooked into body weight training! Lost 20 kgs in 4 months and 13% body fat! Not yet done as we’re busy now getting final results for a photo shoot in April 😉! UP, where the results begin! Thanks to Tom and every trainer there are not the typical PT; they’re so focused on your goals and are so closed to you on a daily basis! Train hard; dieting and walk 10K steps every day! My lifestyle changed and so my confidence level! Thank you all!read more
07:54 01 Feb 19
Don’t be scared about hard work and diet, at Ultimate Performance the entire process is easier than you think. Week after week you will be amazed by the results that your body and mind can achieve so quickly.My journey at UP has been guided by Matt Sochon, my outstanding trainer. He is a great mix of genuine care and firm motivation.Trust me, training at UP is highly addictive and you will love it. Thank you Matt! Thank you UP!read more
Giulia Scotti
14:01 30 Jan 19
I have been training with Shane in his group classes for 10 weeks and the result has been amazing. I am a regular @ UP Group Classes and generally have a decent fitness level but Shane – within a very short period of time – managed to push me to another level not only aesthetically but also in terms of strength. The first 2 weeks with him were painful and filled with soreness. Initially I was not a fan of his training as he goes where you feel it most (☺ which is not really pleasant) BUT once I saw the results coming new motivation started kicking in. Shane is extremely knowledgeable with regards to body shaping and nutrition, he will push you outside your comfort zone. If you are committed and stick to your nutrition you will get the results you are looking for and get you to your best physical more
Tina Si
15:14 11 Jan 19
I came to UP to change my mindset towards health and fitness and get into shape and stay in shape. My trainer, Ghavesh has the best guide I could have hoped for in this process. I'm health and fitter than I have been in the last 15 years. The training is now changes my attitude and performance in the rest of my life more
Bader Hubais
08:46 10 Jan 19
Been training with Jaie for about 4 months now. Managed to reach incredible results but now I want more. They taught me the basics of training and dieting. Guiding and helping me in the transformation process through the ups and downs making sure I performed well in the gym and at home. Very much worth it. The gym has a great atmosphere where everyone shares the same more
Giovanni Scalsi
14:00 30 Dec 18
I have been with UP Fitness for 3 months now and I am extremely happy with the transformation and results so far. Thanks goes to my trainer Tom Hutchinson who has been motivating and pushing me beyond my limits. Tom is very knowledgeable when it comes to Training, Fitness, Diet and Nutrition. He is always making changes to my training program and nutrition to help with my progress. He is always avaialble to answer my questions or clarifications. Thanks more
Khaled Ghubash
11:15 20 Dec 18
Got in the BEST shape of my life at the age of 37 after a serious injury.. My trainer Blair is 5 STAR.. Walked into UP Fitness and saw all the transformation before/after pics on the wall... I was motivated to get started same day... BLAIR preached.. stick to the plan and give me all you got and I will get you in best shape of your life...I was sold.. His was fully committed to my transformation.. One of the best decisions of 2018 to join UP Fitness!!read more
Christopher Goncalo
11:30 12 Dec 18
Ultimate Performance is a place for ultimate transformation. I started training with Scott Harrison almost 7 weeks ago. When we first did the assessment and the training plan, he was very confident that we can easily achieve results within the agreed timeframe. To be honest I didn’t believe him...but when I started to see very obvious results from the second week of training, I knew where his confidence was coming from. Scott is very knowledgeable and motivating, he pushes you to give your best and to believe in what you can achieve when you commit to the training and diet more
Nadine Ghalayini
14:24 30 Nov 18
I have been a client of Tom Hutchinson since 2016: originally on a 12-week intense program at UP Mayfair London, the results of which were so impressive I continued the program for over a year, and when Tom later moved to setup UP Dubai, I retained his services via UP online program - so needless to say, I think he and UP are well worth the investment!The core UP program will lead to fundamental changes in your lifestyle/attitude, and IF you stick to plan, results (both physical and psychological) are virtually guaranteed.Such progress and success are addictive - it is very likely you will want to continue, either at a UP gym, via a UP online program, or indeed, having gained total control of your body, simply continuing solo.I personally find the constant presence of Tom in dynamically tweaking my diet/workouts to my evolving body/circumstances to be extremely motivational - albeit done from 1000s of miles away!No need to write more - just go for UP and get started!read more
23:59 26 Nov 18
UP is a gym where hard work pays off. Clean diet, excellent trainers and consistency will get you incredible results. I am absolutely delighted with my transformation so far and after seeing what a few weeks can do I won’t be stopping any time soon! It’s the best investment you can do for yourself if you really want to make a change. As long as you are focused on getting results and prepared to put the hard work in, there will be no looking back. I want to thank my fantastic trainer MATT SOCHON for all his hard work and commitment in wanting the best from me in each session. He never gives up. It makes you want to try harder every time. Thank you Matt!🌟I can honestly say going to UP is the best thing I have done for myself. There is nothing nicer than feeling good , healthy and energized. I can’t recommend it enough. Just go for it!read more
Caoimhe Cahalan
19:40 26 Nov 18
I joined UP 18 months ago, and I can honestly say it has been the best decision I ever made. My trainer, Tom Hutchinson, is just amazing: his knowledge of fitness is second to none and he always makes sure that I am on track, food wise and activity wise. This accountability is what differentiates UP from other gyms. To cut the story short: I managed to finally lose body fat and I definitely feel great. Thanks Tom !read more
stephanie hanna
19:05 17 Nov 18
Starting using the group training sessions 1 week ago with Shane. Absolutely incredible training. You can train with up to 6 people but still get top quality attention from a top notch PT. I’ve dropped a considerable amount after my first week of 3 sessions. Vibe across the gym is high energy intense training and everybody there for a purpose. One of the bonuses is the trainers look the part and clearly live by the advice they give. Shane’s a top lad as well 👌read more
Connway Hunrer
18:06 05 Nov 18
So much more than 'a gym'. UP Dubai and my excellent trainer Jim Heath, have transformed my body and my attitude to health, fitness and nutrition. Sign up if you want real, lasting results and the knowledge to maintain and even improve results, and not just some guy to watch you trudge on the treadmill a few times a more
Jennifer Moore
09:59 26 Oct 17
5 weeks in on a 13 week program, I've lost a significant amount of weight and body fat already. That is due to the experience and professionalism of the guys at UP, with a tailored approach to each individual of both an evolving nutrition plan and exercise regime. Working with a dedicated personal trainer who understands what you are going through delivers results through honest, hard work. Definitely the way to go once one commits to getting leaner and more
Luis Cunha
16:09 03 Oct 17
Bring your good will, determination & commitment to the best & most rewarding transformational experience of your lifetime.I’ve been training with Laurent Francoeur for 6 weeks now and all I can say is Goodness.I enjoyed every single session, every single rep, every single drop of sweat.You are continuously monitored, coached and pushed to your very limit on every single set you do, every single meal you eat; even if you are abroad on a business trip.Thank you Laurent, thank UP fitness team for the atmosphere, spirit you spread around.Journey more
Rodrigue Francis
19:31 28 Sep 17
I have been going to Ultimate Performance for two months now (eight weeks). I have found the trainers there to be very personable, approachable and professional.They are involved and active in helping you to achieve you're goals and able to help work around most sports or other injuries to keep you working towards your goals.I would highly recommend their services. I have lost 10Kgs in these 8 weeks. I have another 8Kg to go!read more
Benard L'Esperance
13:28 27 Sep 17
I stumbled upon UP-Dubai in a local news article. With a little research, I quickly felt the difference in their approach to training.Pros - I like the fact that the group training is delivered in small focused groups of 5-6 pax and is akin to personal training at a fraction of the cost. They gave me a free trial session, which helped in experiencing it first-hand. The joining questionnaire is great for goal-setting, and the body measurements (before and after) help put the facts in front. Staff and trainers are very courteous and take good care of you. My trainer Jim Heath is sharp and switched on and the way he engages with the group, I always get the feeling that he is fully focused on me (I guess others feel so too). Jim also gave me a personalized diet plan which is great to supplement the training with. Facilities at the gym include showers, lockers, towels, reception/ waiting lobby and free valet parking for members.Cons - The floor area itself is not very big (compared to some other gyms in town), but they have used the space neatly so it more
Farhan Kafil
04:39 18 Aug 17

As we do with all our gyms, we’ve invested in world class equipment, a prime location for maximum convenience, and have recruited the best Personal Trainers in the world to bring a level of personal training results that most Dubai gyms have been sorely lacking.

We are based in a newly-built gym in Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai. As the photographs and video on this page will testify, we’ve created a wonderful space for anyone who wants to get into the gym and have a fun and intense workout.


Start your transformation journey.


Tim 12 week transformation results - front
Vicky female fat loss transformation - front
Joe Warner 12 week transformation
Sandi 12 week female transformation - front
Panos 20 week transformation results - front
Videlina 16 weeks transformation

* Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances | Your time frame for results is not guaranteed | Willpower is always required!