The World’s Leading Personal Trainers have arrived in

Body transformation experts, Ultimate Performance, have arrived in Cheshire and want you to be a part of the revolution.

Providing Personal Training to Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Prestbury, Macclesfield, Knutsford, Congleton and the surrounding areas we deliver Maximum Results in Minimum Time.


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Welcome to the world of UP Fitness Cheshire. This isn’t a world quite like you’re used to.

This is world class personal training in a world class private gym right in the heart of Cheshire. And there’s not a chrome machine or fluffy towel in sight.




Leanne 12 week fat loss results
Glenn 15 week transformation results
Rachael 21 weeks results
Ryan's 12 Week Transformation
Mags 16 week fat loss transformation

* Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances | Your time frame for results is not guaranteed | Willpower is always required!


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One-to-One Personal Training

This is the service that has seen UP hailed as “the world’s leading personal trainers”.

Our results speak for themselves, and if you think that now is the time to take charge of your health and body composition, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will schedule a time for you to come visit us and see if we are the right fit for you.

Female Fat Loss

Meltdown For Female Fat Loss, our radical and proven 12 week programme exclusively for women tailored to your specific fat loss and weight loss needs.
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Male Fat Loss

We have been fine tuning our 6 Week Meltdown Fat Loss regime for over fifteen years, and now have perfected it to the point that after 2 weeks of working with you we can tell you almost exactly how much body fat you should drop in the remaining 4 weeks.
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12 Weeks Muscle Building

12 Weeks to a muscular new you! We know that so many of you reading this will have been wasting months or even years simply spinning your wheels and never advancing from those first flush of gains you made when you first started weight training.
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For more details and pricing for Ultimate Performance Cheshire click below.


For more details and pricing for Ultimate Performance Cheshire click below.



The Dairy Ground,
Congleton Road,
Nether Alderley.
SK10 4TD
[email protected]

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Google Rating
I’m about 5 weeks into my first group PT Training and I’m so pleased I started. All the trainers are great, but Eli Salmons are the bulk of sessions I go to and she’s amazing. You work hard, but feel great afterwards and doing it in a group environment is really helping. I already feel stronger, and looking forward to the rest of the sessions! Very supportive environment, they will push you and get the best out of you in every session!read more
Katie Lindsay
18:28 16 Apr 19
This is the best investment I have ever made. My experience at UP completely exceeded my expectations. My trainer Christian was just brilliant. He encouraged me all the way. Very supportive whilst challenging me to get the results I never thought I could achieve. I would highly recommend these guys. Thank you UP!read more
18:34 15 Apr 19
I’ve been attending the Group Training sessions in Manchester for the last 8 months. After years of sporadic attempts to get in shape UP has given me the motivation, purpose and enjoyment to make some incredible changes to the way I look and feel. The trainers are excellent and the environment in the gym inspires you to push yourself to achieve more than what I thought possible for myself. Thanks to everyone there. more
Iain Marlow
07:21 09 Apr 19
Been coming to group training for 6 weeks now and its been an excellent experience. UP has the most knowledgeable and friendly personal trainers who encourage you to push yourself to your own personal best. The group environment is supportive with like minded people. Weight is coming off and feel amazing! Well recommended!read more
Michlle Burns
10:59 05 Apr 19
An amazing gym and program to follow! After only a few weeks I am feeling so much better, stronger and more confident than ever before! Everybody is so welcoming and friendly. They are all there to offer their help and their support even if they are not taking the session. So glad I signed up to Ultimate Performance!read more
Emily Cooper
17:56 04 Apr 19
I have been attending the strongman sessions almost every week in addition to my training for the past few months. The sessions are hard (my quads are always on fire after the session) but fun at the same time! There is a sense of community and it has been so fab meeting people who are on the same journey as you and/or have similar goals. There is no hiding from Karl, Ellie and Olivia. They know what you’re capable of and push you to your more
Anita T
21:20 29 Mar 19
I'm so glad I joined UP. I'm feeling fitter and stronger than I ever have before. The group training sessions are fun, but challenging. I have had a PT before (at a different gym), and can say that the group sessions at UP are much more effective than my previous PT sessions. I would highly recommend UP to anyone looking to become fitter and stronger!read more
Lucy Harrison
17:58 27 Mar 19
Sought the services of UP Manchester in the Autumn of 2018 and embarked on a 12 week training and nutritional plan. Thoroughly impressed with all aspects of UP Manchester. Very friendly atmosphere whereby any individual can learn and work to achieve there goal. Any apprehensiveness is 'put to bed' at the initial meet and greet with your dedicated personal trainer. An assessment is made of your current composition and a tailor made, realistic and achievable target is set as to 'what you want to achieve'. My trainer Justin put me at ease and has motivated me since day 1, creating a good client/pt partnership whilst at the same time striving for more! The ultimate professionalism and attention to detail in all aspects of healthy living are covered in UP Fitness programs from Sleep, Nutrition and essential supplementation. Justin and the UP team have been available every step of the way. Recommend this to anyone irrespective of there previous training background, age, or more
Mark Minnock
15:09 27 Mar 19
I've been working out at Ultimate Performance for two years. I'm now fitter than I've ever been. I really enjoy the Group Training - the trainers push you hard so you do your best and achieve impressive results. There's a friendly, welcoming vibe at UP, and that definitely makes all the difference in motivating me to keep on going. In the past, I've tried quite a few gyms in Manchester, but Ultimate Performance is by far my more
20:57 26 Mar 19
I’m so glad I was persuaded to get involved in Manchester’s Strongman class as an extra session to personal training at U.P.I would have assumed I’d hold people up but like everything at U.P you’re pushed beyond your perceived limits.It’s a team effort and everyone genuinely encourages each other. There’s no way I’d achieve as much in the same amount of time at a normal gym. Karl, Ellie, Olivia and the team are super friendly and approachable so all you have to do is put the effort in and have fun!read more
12:57 26 Mar 19
Half-way through a 6-week Group Training programme at UP and I'm really enjoying it! They gym isn't in the least bit intimidating - everyone is welcoming and friendly. The trainers are very knowledgeable and best of all, I'm starting to slowly see results!! It's definitely worth the more
Sara Farrington
17:15 25 Mar 19
UP has not is tough to commit to the process of diet and exercise but the results have been as promised.( lost 1kg per week and dropped two trouser sizes). Special mention to my trainer Rodney Delgado who has been first rate from start to finish!...will be signing up again in the Summer!!!read more
paul paul
17:05 24 Mar 19
I’ve trained at UP in Manchester for nearly six months and the UP experience has been incredible. Justin has been a source of constant guidance, support and motivation during the time I have trained with him, and made the training varied and interesting. Be prepared to be pushed hard and give it your all in training, and the UP trainers will provide you with the support you need to ensure that the hard work pays more
Jimmy Warburton
15:51 22 Mar 19
“Ultimate Performance really is like a world you haven’t experienced. The personal trainers help settle you in and show you a whole new way of living and exercising. The diet/sleep/water/rest are as important as the exercise itself. I trained with the fabulous Eoin ring, an incredibly fun and caring Irish chap, that made the transition to UP super smooth. The results (with your hard work and will power) are incredible. If you want to change your lifestyle and body shape I cannot recommend UP/Eoin enough. It’s a journey worth starting on.”read more
Lucy Gugas
12:43 21 Mar 19
I've been training with Justin for around a month and receive a huge amount of support and motivation. I've seen results already and learn't so much about performing exercises correctly. When going to the gym all the trainers greet you and you feel welcome and motivated by everyone training hard :) If you want a lifestyle change I would defiantly recommendread more
Chloe Lock
20:04 02 Mar 19
My PT RODNEY DELGADO was excellent. Completely committed, always motivated and highly skilled at getting the results I wanted. His attention to technique and scientific knowledge on nutrition was impressive. He accommodated my training schedule and balanced my training v work needs. Rodney, & therefore UP, surpassed my expectations by a long way. I was unsure about UP at first, but Training with Rodney is a great experience. I recommend him without more
10:46 02 Mar 19
UP isn’t a normal gym, it’s all about performance and outcomes and everyone there; clients and trainers, are there to get or get you in serious shape in best and quickest way possible. Eoin, as well as being a great guy, is a great trainer who drives those outcomes through holistic planning of nutrition and workout regime, encouragement, and attention to detail making every session and rep count. UP has great facilities and equipment and as everyone there is training with a trainer it never feels too busy and equipment you need is always available!read more
11:27 21 Feb 19
I've never been to the gym in my life so I knew signing up for the 12 week course would be extremely difficult. But now 4 weeks in with Karl's coaching and motivation I've managed to see improvements. It's hard work but you see results very quickly. I've lost nearly 3kg already plus I'm lifting heavier weights every week. The whole team at UP are supportive and are there to help push you on. I would totally recommend UP to friends and family but you need to be ready to fully commit to the process. I really do believe by the end of the 12 weeks I will be fully equipped to go forward and maintain a healthier lifestyle because of Karl's more
Jay Patel
11:04 21 Feb 19
I joined UP Gym for results and I was not disappointed. I did a 12 week course, 3 sessions a week, with trainer Christian Dyre. UP Gym are well known for getting results. They look beyond the gym sessions to nutrition, sleep, stress levels and out of gym activity in order to tackle all issues relating to weight and health. Having a 12 week deadline is motivating as is seeing results. My trainer Christian Dyre was particularly good. He was totally focused on getting the most out of every session in a persuasive and informative way with lots of patience and understanding. Throughout the process we worked together and we were on the same side. I looked forward to the sessions. Compared to other personal training sessions I've had in the past, UP gym is about 50% more expensive, however if one were paying by results then this would prove much better value. For those with busy lives, who have limited time, this makes perfect sense. I was hesitant about doing the course due to the cost and did wonder whether the before and after pictures were real. Now I have my own equally impressive before and after pictures. I have booked my partner onto a 12 week course with Christian for his Christmas present and I plan to continue next more
Cathy Dunlevy
12:32 14 Feb 19
Awesome gym. Well equipped & World-class trainers. Training at UP isn't like a normal gym, its all about real transformations.I have enjoyed every session at UP - even those that left me in puddles of sweat dying on the floor. I have lost 7kg in 7 weeks and inches off my waist.I have recommended UP to friends and family.If you're reading this - why are you still making excuses.....?read more
Michael Cowell
14:27 29 Jan 19
My 12 week transformation at UP has been very much a life changing experience. UP was recommended to me to help me recover from severe nerve damage and managing the daily pain as a result of that. My own goal was to see if this could make a difference to my stress levels, leading a global business, traveling extensively and never having the time to invest in myself was taking its toll both physically and mentally. I had gained weight, was constantly tired and always blamed the fact that my lifestyle gave me no choice. In short my PT Owen M very skillfully took me on a journey of self discovery. The results of my transformation are completely overwhelming. I am in the best physical shape of my life, ALL of my nerve pain has gone, the mentally health benefits are incredible and whilst I still moan at every session that it’s “too hard” I can’t imagine my life without it.For me this is an industry that has so many underskilled people. If you are considering your own transformation this is really a case of you get what you pay for. If you want cheap you will just not get the results that UP deliver.I never thought In my life I would ever be remotely excited about going to the gym but here I am finished my transformation and looking forward to going back later this week!🙌🏻read more
Sarah Lomas
12:51 31 Dec 18
Amazing experience and amazing results. I cant rate UP Manchester and my trainer Owen M highly enough. I have learnt so much about how to lift weights correctly and make reps count. Owen also sorted out my nutrition, and kept me honest on food/drink. You will work hard and need to commit to eating what they tell you, getting enough sleep in, training, etc (it becomes second nature) but its also fun - there is always a good atmosphere in the gym, the environment is great, and all the team are friendly. Super flexible to accommodate my diary - never an issue finding a training time that worked. The level of support you get is excellent and keeps you pushing forward both in the sessions and outside of them. And then the results - what can I say - over 20kg lost in the first 12 weeks transformation, over 34kg in 36 weeks. 6 inches off my waist. Body fat down from something bad to single figures, I am lifting heavier and better than ever. I even have some abs. I never thought at the beginning I could achieve where I got to but Owen kept pushing me to set new goals and go on and beat them. It has been genuinely transformational - and not just the stats - it has changed the way I live. These are the best trainers you will find and the results speak for themselves. Thanks Owen!read more
Neil Sharples
11:31 16 Dec 18
Training here is completely different to any other gym. The highest level of personal trainers, motivation and guidance you get throughout your time at UP gets you the results you always wished for. Your limits will get tested and you will need to work really hard in every week, set and rep. Shout out to the best PT Christian Dyer, very knowledgeable, professional and keeps pushing you every session to make sure your goals are met!read more
Hussain Abou Sayed
17:23 14 Dec 18
Its no exaggeration when I say that my experience & time training with the team at Ultimate Performance Manchester is without doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made and simply life changing on so many levels. From day one stepping onto the gym floor with Joe Delaney my amazing & supportive PT, I knew it was going to be an amazing experience. Yes it’s hard work, yes you are pushed to your limits and yes these guys do know how to get you serious results! They don’t call themselves the worlds leading trainers for nothing! They’ve earnt that for sure. I cannot rate the gym, the ethos & level of detail that they give to everything, the whole team and amazing atmosphere that all form part of the unique UP experience highly enough! My motivation to train at UP came after hitting rock bottom & needing to really find a style of training that would not only deliver results but one that I loved and could continue as a lifestyle to help give me back a bit of my old self. Through UP I have found all of that! Not only have a dropped 15kg in 13 weeks training at Manchester but I have gained so much more! Increased confidence, self esteem, a new passion for lifting and training & more determination and drive in literally every area of my life. The team are without doubt A* in every way, they know exactly what they are doing and if you put as much effort in as what each trainer gives to you then you will achieve all you want to and more! Go for it! I love it so much that I can’t imagine not training there! If your thinking about it... my advice would be to go for it! You’ll never look back!read more
Claire Metcalfe
10:30 11 Dec 18
I’ve been training with Ultimate Performance for 6 months. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been. I’ve lost nearly 10 KGS and am back in my 32” Jeans :-)I love that they get to meet you first and assign you a trainer that they think best fits your goals. My trainer Karl was a perfect fit. He pushes me hard, but we also have a laugh - its now an enjoyable gym session that tires me physically but I know I got something from it. I have gone from feeling sick and weak after every workout - to pushing boundaries and breaking personal bests weekly. The training is well varied - but its not easy - and nor should it be. You are given a tracker to log your weight, food/calories, steps etc. That is reviewed regularly by your trainer. Weekly progress photo’s are taken along with your measurements to track progress. If you want results Ultimate Performance is the place to go. As stated its tough - but you reap the rewards.Highly Recommended - Thanks Karl for getting me into the best shape I have been in for more
Gary Steadman
15:38 10 Dec 18
Not an exaggeration to say this place has changed my life. It’s a serious gym and the price you pay to train there reflects that but it’s the friendliest one I’ve ever been in and the results people get speak for themselves. My trainer Anthony is amazing and the changes he’s help me make to my body (and my mind) whilst putting up with my horrendous potty-mouth mean I’d recommend UP to more
Georgina Crosswell
20:12 07 Dec 18
My experience at UP Manchester has been fantastic. Everyone is incredibly friendly and the gym itself is small but really well equipped - never a dumbbell or plate out of place! Aroosha, my PT has been fantastic. She's really knowledgeable, pushing me hard in every session but focusing on technique so I'm making the most out of every rep. Three weeks in I can already see the difference, but more importantly, I already feel healthier and am building a routine that I know I'll be able to more
21:21 05 Dec 18
If you want results, are prepared to work hard then this is the place for you. Trainers that give you 110% and make sure that every rep is done perfectly to make sure you get the results you deserve. Great atmosphere, great team but beware - you'll never work this hard in your life!!! Amazing place!read more
Richard Grasby
10:56 30 Nov 18
What an experience at UP Manchester - better than I expected! superb facilities and very knowledgeable personal trainers, especially Nathan, who helped me achieve the best results that I could only imagine on achieving. Nathan is a great trainer with a magnificent body physique off his own, which inspired me to work towards much more! At the same time Nathan is like personal nutritionalist, physio, therapist all in one! and mentor every day for me. Nathan is very understanding off my busy work schedules & has no problems giving me slots when they suit me the best. Nathan is always checking on how my diet and training is going outside UP, giving me tips and advice on a daily basis. UP is like no other gym. I would recommend anyone to UP and would recommend Nathan as there personal trainer even though the other trainers are extremely great too. However Nathan has suited me the best, he is very disciplined and made me very disciplined towards my training and dieting. He wants the maximum results for me. He has taught me priceless techniques and knowledge since my time at UPI would recommend Manchester UP gym to everyone if they are serious about transforming your physique. Extremely welcoming and everybody is really friendly. Always looking forward to my next session!!read more
Haroon Ashraf
19:22 22 Nov 18
What an experience at UP Manchester - better than I expected! They have superb facilities and very knowledgeable personal trainers, especially Christian, who helped me achieve the best results I could ever imagine in only 8 weeks. Not only was Chris a great trainer but he was like a personal nutritionalist, physio, therapist and mentor every day for the whole 8 weeks!For anyone of any training age, they will help you achieve what you are looking for by making everything simple to follow - as long as you give 100% effort!read more
Jamie Mears
11:26 10 Nov 18
UP are simply incredible, there is nothing like the training and guidance you experience when you train with UP. Upon returning to UP for my second time, with a goal to gain strength. I have to say that Joe and the team did exceptionally well in a very short 8 weeks to get me from my out of focus training program into a routine that was both achievable and enjoyable. Its not simply the physical changes that you notice, it's the psychological impact as well, the confidence you gain from feeling strong and motivated in a gym environment. UP rock!!read more
kat stock
17:37 25 Oct 18
Personal trainers who know what they're talking about. As someone who hated even running for a bus and found gyms completely intimidating, I've found Ultimate Performance welcoming and genuinely geared towards helping me reach my personal goals. My trainer (Aroosha) puts just as much effort as me into motivating and guiding me, not just in the gym, but outside more
Sam Holdsworth
21:19 24 Oct 18
Well equipped gym. Knowledgeable trainers. Accommodative (I needed 5am sessions and that wasn't a problem at any point).Nutritional guidance as well as physical training to ensure you reach your goals. Variety of training options from group, online and 121.I did a 12 week package 121 with Justin Pena. Great results and motivated to keep up the hard work now I have finished my block of more
Sarah O'Neill
09:16 15 Oct 18
I started training at Ultimate Performance (Manchester) 7 months ago.I decided to try the group training session first of all. My reasons/goals were to lose body fat and to get fitter. I was very impressed with the group training sessions and the professionalism of all the trainers. I was very intrigued to take my training further and invest some time and money in my overall health. Especially after hearing excellent reports and seeing the results from other clients personal training sessions. I wanted to push myself further and have some additional help with my nutrition.All the trainers are very Welcoming, Friendly, Approachable and Knowledgeable.I have been having personal sessions now for 13 weeks and have lost so far 10.5 kg.I am very close to my target weight. My personal trainer Christopher Axiotis is excellent. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his job. He has tailored my training to my training needs and my nutritional needs. Giving me advice and guidance all the way through my journey.Adapting my training along the way. He motivates me and pushes me. I am so happy with the results. I am leaner and stronger. I can honestly say going to Ultimate Performance is the best thing I have done for my overall health and more
Angela McCloskey
10:11 29 May 18
The best decision I've ever made. With UP I have created a better, happier and healthier version of myself. I cannot rave about UP enough. My journey wasn't just a 12 week transformation thing, rather it was a complete lifestyle change. Thanks to Steve (my PT) I lost 15KG. Remember: Six months from now you won't remember how that chocolate bar tasted but you WILL be able to see amazing results. :)read more
Fatuma Omar
15:59 16 May 18
I’ve been training for years and have very occasionally used a personal trainer, I’ve only previously had one who I really rate. I was introduced to U P in January and thought I might as well give it ago. I am genuinely surprised at how good they are. The facility is excellent but the surprising thing is the knowledge and overall professionalism of my PT, Howard. I’ve achieved results in three months that I wouldn’t have believed were possible. I love training and thought I knew a bit until I started going there, I truly wish I’d started years ago. I’d recommend them to anyone, they definitely take personal training to a completely different level. I started thinking I’d do just the three months, based on the results I’ve achieved and how good they are I’m going to continue more
Jon Ballard
20:01 02 May 18
I've recently completed a '10 week body transformation' with Owen. Not only has the program with Owen improved the way I look (losing the middle age spread!) but it's also been an education into diet and fitness that I'm certain will last a lifetime. It's changed my life as even though I'm no longer on the course I eat much healthier, train regularly and I'm actually enjoying keeping in shape. I also feel much better about myself and have much higher energy levels so it improves your life all round. Owen is a first class personal trainer. Not only is he a really nice guy who is easy to get on with, but he has a great way of motivating you to work hard and achieve your goals by using an excellent blend of enthusiasm and discipline which makes it an extremely enjoyable experience. Thanks Owen!read more
Andrew Stout
19:28 19 Apr 18
This gym and specifically my trainer, James Stewart, brought me back to feeling like myself again. After two years of letting the weight pile on and my fitness levels to plummet they got me back on track in a way I no longer thought was possible. James is extremely knowledgeable and explains the reasoning behind all of the decisions made in the gym and at home. He made me feel extremely comfortable and helped me to perform miles past where I believed my limit to be. My results have been incredible, both physically and mentally. I would recommend this gym, and specifically James to anyone looking for a big change in their lives, especially if that change involves getting into a tiny bikini!read more
Melina Perroni
17:20 16 Apr 18
Fantastic experience working with Richard at UP Manchester. The attention to detail and experience these guys have, and put into practice with their clients every day, is second to none. The knowledge gained on both training and nutrition will be used for life. I cannot recommend Richard and the team at UP highly enough! The results speak for themselves!read more
Nic Smith
09:30 20 Mar 18
I've been a member at UP for 5 months. From the moment you walk in there's a warm welcome waiting for you. The trainers are really friendly and approachable and are on hand to support you in your goals.The training is tough but fun and rewarding. Every session you're pushed to do more or better or faster than you did before and you really can achieve it. There's a huge focus on correct form and movement which means you don't spend days after your session in pain. These guys are elite trainers.The food plan is bespoke to you, your needs and your goals. Yes it's strict but what do you expect if you want to achieve those results!I'm not done with my journey yet but have lost over 2 stone (whilst gaining lean muscle) and I've dropped over 2 dress sizes. More importantly I've learnt a lot, I know what to eat and how much, I know how to push myself when I exercise - I've been given the tools to sustain and even build on what I've achieved so far.My UP trainer has been and continues to be a huge support, championing me and making me believe that I can do this and achieve things I never thought I could.It took me over a year to pluck up the courage to join UP and I wish I'd done it sooner. So anyone wondering if they could achieve the results, if they would enjoy the exercise and food plan and if that next transformation could be them - join, join now and start making those dreams a reality. I promise you won't regret more
Fay Wilshaw
09:32 17 Mar 18
Descending the stairs into UP Manchester is like entering another world, full of personal trainers who take their role very seriously. They are dedicated to their clients, supporting them every step of the way to achieve their own unique results. Every training session I have been pushed harder, past what I thought was my limit, but with attention to detail to prevent injury. For me, my trainer has transformed my life, not just my body composition. I have discovered an alternative, fun and addictive approach to exercise and a way of eating to nourish and fuel my mind and body correctly. Ultimately, this has changed the way I feel and I will forever be grateful for this. If you are ready for a challenge and want results, head to UP, you will not regret it!read more
Anna Dolby
21:14 16 Mar 18
I did a 12 week course with Jack Wilson and I would not rate it any less than life changing. Not only did I lose weight but my whole physical and mental state changed. I had more energy, I wanted to go the gym which was a first and I felt happier in myself. If you are feeling down and not happy with the way you look and feel about yourself go to Jack and he will change your life for the better. I could not recommend Ultimate Performance and their staff members high enough. Thanks for everything!read more
Jennifer Turner
10:24 07 Mar 18
I signed up for an 8 week programme as I wanted to get in better shape for a holiday. My PT was Steve Albon and by the end of the 8 weeks I had lost 9kg, 8.5% body fat and build lean muscle. With Steve’s knowledge and guidance I achieved an amazing transformation in a short time. I feel great and can honestly say it’s the best PT experience I’ve ever more
Neil Vaughan
10:37 03 Mar 18
I have been training regularly with Howard for six months. I have lost weight, reduced body fat considerably and added muscle. I feel great and have enjoyed every minute of it. Howard is fantastically knowledgable and the sessions are great. I recommend UP to all my friends!read more
Stephen Morris
16:42 27 Feb 18
I did a six week program with Owen M. after Christmas. I lost over 5kg in weight, over 5% body fat, I put on lean muscle. I feel great both physically and mentally. I was amazed at the changes i could make in a relatively short space of time. This is by far the best PT experience I have ever had. Genuinely transformational! I'm continuing with my program to achieve future more
Daniel Smith
07:36 23 Feb 18
I had my doubts about signing up for 12 weeks at a huge monetory cost but it turned out to be a massive life changer... and worth every penny!Jack Wilson was fantastic! He tailored my exercise and diet to take into account of my condition, psoriatic arthritis and made exercising fun. I lost 2 Stone and am feeling better than I have in years.Every single person at UP made me feel welcome. I do not hesitate to recommend the Manchester gym. Thanks more
Maureen Graham
21:18 03 Jan 18
Having a trainer alongside you who cares about you, your goals and genuinely wants you to feel good has been paramount in achieving my transformation. Not only has my trainer been the one telling me what to eat and what to do in the gym, he has also been a motivator, an advice giver and most importantly, a listener. Having someone who will happily lend an ear and do their very best to understand everything thats going on in my crazy mind has helped more than any dumbbell or diet plan.I would 100% recommend UP - I don't know how I lived without it. How could I not recommend something thats changed my life?read more
Sam Johnstone
08:16 29 Dec 17
I have just finished a 12 week programme with Jason Pena and in total have lost 18 kg (2st 12 lbs) in weight, 18 cm off my waist and reduced my blood pressure from 129 over 83 to 106 over 65 which puts me in a much healthier range! I am really pleased with how things have gone, and by how much healthier and stronger I feel, both physically and mentally. There are no short cuts, it takes a lot of hard work and you get out what you put in, but it soon becomes habit and the sessions can be really rewarding. I think what sets this apart is the nutrition guidance and food diary and the extras you are encouraged to do - they all really help and the daily interaction ad reporting in with your trainer means it is very hard to stray - good for someone like me with little willpower. It is not cheap, but i really needed this approach and am much happier and a lot nearer to my weight loss and fitness goals so it was worth every penny :)read more
Sarah Gilston
19:22 20 Dec 17
I have been working with Owen Mulrane from UP Manchester for the last 18 weeks. My body fat has dropped from 20% to 9% and lean body mass has also increased. I had been going to the gym for a number of years but wasn’t improving any further. The exercise and nutritional knowledge received whilst on the program will definitely help me keep in good shape going forwards. Owen has been great throughout. Pushing and testing my limits every session and providing nutritional advice on a daily basis. Overall a great place to train if you want more
Pav Sangha
16:47 06 Dec 17
I have been working with Jason Pena from Manchester UP for 16 weeks and I can honestly its been amazing. After coming back from my honeymoon in bad shape I have got myself below 9% bodyfat and feel great. I have full confidence in my trainer and his knowledge regarding nutrition and training. No matter what level you are, signing up and being assigned a coach will take you further than you think!read more
Samuel Mashiter
12:41 06 Dec 17
I have completed 16 out of 20 weeks with UP and lost a total of 39lbs so far. At my highest weight I was 242lbs and over 2 years I had regained a significant amount. I decided I needed to invest in my health as things were spiring out of control. UP create a fitness plan based on your individual profile but also focus on diet. Its all about the diet! I thought I would find the change difficult, but it really wasn't. The diet, adjusted slightly to work for me, now fits around my busy lifestyle. For anyone struggling with their diet and anyone who lacks the confident in the gym, I would recommend UP. My PT Justin has been very patient with me - I am as stubborn as they come! Don't feel intimidated, and give it a go!read more
Mudya Faisal
12:12 03 Dec 17
Found my happy place!Being training here for a while now. Did a 6 week GT block last year and have now been back since April this year. Currently completing a 12-week PT/GT split transformation, with my main trainer Jason Pena.Next week will be week 12 but upto now I have lost 8% body fat (16.7% since April) and I couldn't be happier with not only the physical changes but also the mental changes that I have experienced. Since coming back I have felt overall physically stronger and my mental well-being is also the best it has ever been. There's no BS about it, no fluffy/faddy diet advice and no big secret other than to take responsibility for your own body and train hard.I have been in several GT (group training sessions) too and every trainer I have been trained by has got the best out of me in their sessions; each one very likeable and supportive.Going from GT to PT sessions as well was a new challenge for me and the one-to-one support Jason has given me I cannot fault, what we have achieved so far I couldn't be more pleased with. I cannot wait for my photoshoot and have no regrets about taking on this challenge- despite the fact it hasn't been without its challenges.Thank you to Jason and all involved in supporting me so far throughout this journey.Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Will be continuing my sessions here post 12 weeks as they have taught me how to embrace my new lifestyle and love the results and benefits that come with it! :)read more
Michelle Watson
13:26 29 Nov 17
Joined UP Fitness with an element of skepticism due to the results they achieve in such a short space of time. Owen Mulrane has been brilliant. He has tailored my program perfectly around my busy schedule and focused exactly on the results I wanted to achieve. Don't get me wrong, you have to put the work in, but if you do, UP certainly do their part!! Evvery other trainer in the gym take an interest in your progress and I have recommended them to lots of friends and family. Will be extending my 3 month initial period with them for sure. Thanks Owen!!read more
20:47 21 Nov 17
Definately the best personal training I’ve ever done! Just finished 10 weeks at UP with Steve before I go away on holiday - the trainers are always on hand whether it’s nutrition or training and always supportive. Steve’s kept me on track and motivated throughout the 10 weeks. I’m so happy with my results and feel so much better physically and mentally. Would highly recommend!read more
21:33 15 Nov 17
Just finished a 12 week transformation at UP with James. Whilst I had struggled to get results previously, James not only helped me to achieve these results, he also gave me the right knowledge and advice so I can now progress on my own with confidence. Great atmosphere at UP with really friendly and approachable staff. Would definitely more
16:39 06 Oct 17
Absolutely fantastic Gym! The trainer's approach, expertise and support is another level. The sessions on their own are so valuable but the guidance around nutrition, your own training and general health & wellbeing is phenomenal and makes a world of difference to your everyday life. I've thoroughly enjoyed minute, definitely the best thing I've ever done and would recommend it highly to anyone wanting to improve their more
Ruth Doughty
09:10 27 Sep 17
Currently 9 weeks into my 12 week fat loss programme with trainer Emily and am so pleased with my progress so far- not only physically but mentally as well. The gym is a really friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere and Emily has been so supportive and committed to my journey; she has picked me up on my bad days and has pushed me to be the strongest I can be. I have lost 9kg to date and feel so much more comfortable in my skin, but can't wait to see my final result in 3 weeks time. Can safely say this is the best thing I've ever done for my body and my mind. Thank you Emily!read more
Daisy Ball
16:44 26 Sep 17
Fantastic personal training gym where you get so much more than a typical personal trainer would offer. The training is excellent and you get a huge amount of advice and support in meeting your nutritional goals. Steve Albon my trainer is always available to offer training and diet advice and he really cares about my progress and getting me to achieve my goals. He regularly updates my training plan and constantly monitors my progress, making tweaks where needed to suit my particular needs . Finally, the gym has a really friendly atmosphere and everyone always makes you feel welcome...would definitely recommend!!!read more
Alex Dickinson
16:31 24 Sep 17
Exceptional gym and trainers. Friendly, not intimidating. Don't be put off if you have never done anything like this before. Just wish I had done it sooner. Incredibly sustainable. The nutritional advice and support has been such an eye opener; it feels like lifestyle changes rather than dieting. If you are stuck in a rut or lost your confidence or have a goal or want the old you back then highly recommend!read more
Georgina Forbes
11:08 16 Sep 17

As we do with all our gyms, we’ve invested in world class equipment, a prime location for maximum convenience, and have recruited the best Personal Trainers in the world to bring a level of personal training results that most Cheshire gyms have been sorely lacking.

We are based in a newly-built gym near Alderley Edge, Cheshire. As the photographs and video on this page will testify, we’ve created a wonderful space for anyone who wants to get into the gym and have a fun and intense workout.


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