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We are more than just a gym

We are world leaders in delivering remarkable results with thousands of clients of all ages, backgrounds and abilities at Ultimate Performance. But what we do is about more than just a ‘before and after’. We are more than just a gym.

Whether you work with us in our gyms, online, or through our ground-breaking apps, we empower you to transform every aspect of your health and lifestyle.
We help you revolutionise your nutrition, redefine the way you feel, and achieve life-changing improvements in everything from blood pressure and mental health to confidence-boosting day-to-day living.

A world of trusted expertise

Our expertise in the science of body transformation and results-focused personal training extends way beyond the doors of our private gyms.  

We empower everyone to improve their health and enhance their results with a range of proven products and services. This includes workout and diet apps, premium supplements, online personal training, books, and more.  Here is how U.P. can help you:  

Explore more expert books

Our range of books brings together world-leading expertise on personal training, nutrition and body transformation from our CEO Nick Mitchell. 

  Principles of Muscle Building Program Design | Ultimate Performance  Principles of Muscle Building Program Design | Ultimate Performance

Principles of Muscle Building Program Design

Learn the methods you need to build your own muscle-building workout programs that give you maximum results in minimum time.

Designed for beginners right up to advanced trainers, Principles of Muscle Building Program Design gives you the expertise behind thousands of body transformations from the world’s leading personal trainers.   

  Body Transformation Meal Plan Design | Ultimate Performance  Body Transformation Meal Plan Design | Ultimate Performance

Body Transformation Meal Plan Design

Explore the principles behind the body transformation diets that have helped over 25,000 clients accomplish remarkable results.  

Body Transformation Meal Plan Design gives you the know-how to create a personalised diet and eating plan for you to see impressive fat loss and dramatic body composition improvements.  

  the Ultimate Performance Cookbook | Ultimate Performance  the Ultimate Performance Cookbook | Ultimate Performance

The Ultimate Performance Cookbook

Discover a delicious repertoire of recipes to help you eat and live as healthily and enjoyably as possible, for life. The 190-plus recipes in The Ultimate Performance Cookbook are the antidote to archetypal diet fare and combine the perfect balance of our tried-and-tested nutrition principles with tastes from around the world.  

  Your Ultimate Body Transformation Plan | Ultimate Performance  Your Ultimate Body Transformation Plan | Ultimate Performance

Your Ultimate Body Transformation Plan

Fitness expert Nick Mitchell shows you how to burn fat, build muscle and get the ideal body in Your Ultimate Body Transformation Plan.  

This is an exercise book that gives men a step-by-step 12-week program to follow, along with nutritional advice, meal plans, and supplement guides designed to maximise fat loss and muscle building.  

   | Ultimate Performance

Feel your best with our premium supplements

Looking to support your healthy diet and exercise? Our premium supplements are backed by science, proven with thousands of real clients, and designed to enhance your health, performance, and results. 

While they can’t overcome a bad regime, they can help boost your health and fitness journey alongside a consistent and balanced lifestyle. Click below to learn more.



Our worldwide gym locations

Ultimate Performance has its own private personal training gyms, all held within its own estate and not franchised, in major metropolitan areas across the globe. You can access our elite personal training experience at our gyms in 9 countries across North America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia, and Australasia.

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