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2 Park Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2XA

U.P. London Mayfair

Welcome to Ultimate Performance London Mayfair gym – a world-class private facility at the cutting edge of elite personal training in London since 2011. A stone’s throw from Park Lane, Ultimate Performance Mayfair is the pre-eminent results-focused personal training business in W1.

Our proven ‘maximum results, minimum time’ model has helped thousands of clients in London and across the globe achieve truly life-changing body transformations in remarkably short time frames.


2 Park Street, Mayfair, , London , W1K 2XA

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Monday - Friday: 05.00 - 22.00

Saturday: 06.00 - 21.00

Sunday: 08.00 - 17.00

*Sessions outside of our standard gym opening hours can be arranged by appointment to suit your schedule.

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Explore Mayfair's leading personal training gym

Take a look inside our Ultimate Performance Mayfair gym and see exactly why we are London’s elite private personal training gym.

This virtual tour tool allows you to explore every inch of our world-class facility, our results-focused strength training area and more.

About our Mayfair gym

Our Ultimate Performance Mayfair gym stands apart from anything you have experienced before. Our world-class trainers and world-class facilities are just the beginning – we are so much more than a gym.

Since we opened our doors in 2011, we have built a culture of excellence here that breeds success with trainers and clients alike.  Time is money in London, so everything we do is designed to maximise your efficiency, your results and your return on investment.

Based in the heart of W1, within walking distance of Green Park, Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner underground stations and accessible from Paddington, Victoria and Euston Stations, this is the place ‘where the excuses stop and the results begin’.

Our model

Unlike any gym you have experienced before, we do not offer memberships at Ultimate Performance Mayfair – we are a private personal training-only gym. 

Radically different from any personal trainers you have ever worked with before, our goal is not to retain you as a client for as long as possible – our singular focus is delivering you ‘maximum results in minimum time’. 

This unique model means that over the set time you work with us, we will help you achieve the absolute maximum results possible and give you a measurable return on the investment that your time and money deserve. 

Read more about personal training with Ultimate Performance.

Our trainers

Our personal training team at our Ultimate Performance Mayfair gym is forged from the elite of the elite across the globe. We remain the best because we hire the best – only 1 in every 100 applicants makes the cut for a career with us.

The results-driven approach we have developed runs contrary to 99.9% of the personal training industry – our trainers’ success is measured and incentivised solely on the quality of their results and the value they deliver to the client – not on the number of sales they make.

Our dedicated personal trainers are your partner every step of the way, inside and outside the gym, guiding, supporting and educating to help you accomplish your goals.

Ultimate Performance Mayfair gym, located off Park Lane, is private and by appointment only, so you never have to queue for equipment, you are guaranteed privacy, and you can feel free and unfettered to train hard and achieve your goals.

Read more about our world-class personal trainers.

Our methodology

Our personal training methods have been refined over the past decade with tens of thousands of clients to ensure the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of training to achieve the best results possible.  

We understand that every client is unique. So, every one of our personal training programmes is unique too – tailored to each individual client’s goals, needs and abilities to ensure we deliver maximum results and return on investment.  

Our methods and results are not based on the quick-fix mentality of the wider fitness industry. We pride ourselves on giving you the tools and real-world information you need to maintain optimal and sustainable health for life.  

Our results

We take your results personally. Everything we do, inside and outside the gym, is focused on giving you the best outcomes possible. In fact, the average transformation at Ultimate Performance Mayfair gym requires just 2.7 hours per week of gym time to achieve the kind of results we are renowned for.  

We leave no stone unturned from helping you with sleep strategies and stress management, to smart supplementation and nutrition, and bespoke training and diet plans constantly tweaked to elicit the best possible results.  

We understand that ‘results’ are more than just skin deep. Our scientific approach to body transformation means we track and measure every metric possible – from body fat and blood pressure to sleep and mood – so you can see quantifiable improvements before your eyes.  

Take a look at some of the life-changing transformations achieved by our clients across the globe.

Maximum results, minimum time

We live and die by our results. No personal training business on the planet can demonstrate the depth and consistency of transformations with thousands of clients that we can.  Such is the exceptional standard of our results that people often don’t believe they are possible.   

Promises are easy to make, but for anyone who is prepared to work hard and follow our guidance to the letter, then these life-changing transformation results can be yours. Here are just some of the incredible results achieved by our clients at our Ultimate Performance London Mayfair gym.

31 weeks Age: 40s
44 weeks Age: 30s
15 weeks Age: 30s
45 weeks Age: 40s
31 weeks Age: 30s
25 weeks Age: 30s
15 weeks Age: 30s
16 weeks Age: 30s
11 weeks Age: 40s

Best London Mayfair Gym Reviews


Based on (550+) Google reviews

Mickey Wong

I recently completed a 12-week transformation program at UP Mayfair, and it has been one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made. I started the program during lockdown with training outdoor …

Andrey Russinov

Ultimate Performace is extremely effective, and the program delivers on the promise. They set for you a body transformation goal far more ambitious than what you could ever think you could achieve and get you there…

Arian Alikhani

I have been training at UP Mayfair for exactly two years. In the two years I have lost significant weight but, more importantly, I have completely changed my approach to nutrition fitness, and health. UP has a very scientific …

Bryan Selner

I never truly believed that I could get significant improvement in just three months. I figured all the ads were cherry-picking the best to sell the service; I’d never get results anywhere close to that. I was happily wrong!…

Morten Spenner

UP is hand-on-heart the most impressive set-up you can experience. The focus is 100% on ensuring you get the results you are seeking. The effort is holistic (diet, nutrition, and work-out). The experience is fantastically…

Andrew Walton

Make no mistake, this is no easy ride. However, if you are motivated and set on a result that will eclipse anything you can expect from 1-to-1 training, this is it. I am 6-weeks in, and whilst I am far from the svelte Adonis I hope to be, I am …

Louise Boothby

I’m 6 weeks in and so far my experience at UP has been the best investment in my health (both mental and physical) I’ve ever made. It takes hard work and discipline, there’s no easy fix here, but the technical knowledge…

Jack Mayall

Easily the best gym experience I have ever been involved with. Everything is world class: the equipment and the trainers (esp. Craig Smith) of course, but beyond that the atmosphere, collegiate spirit, advice, accountability…

Yashica Malhotra

UP is by far the best investment I have ever made. I am 5 weeks into the program and 5kgs down! More importantly, I am more aware of my food choices and the impact my diet has on my health. I train with Leanne and she is wonderful!…

Kate Butler

It is hard to imagine any gym that delivers more effectively and more efficiently on it’s promise than Ultimate Performance Mayfair. I would imagine that all clients feel as I do, that they have hit the jackpot …

Mike Bellhouse

Amazing place and experience that does exactly what it says on the tin. If you’re prepared to embrace it and follow your trainers guidance , in my case, the lean mean Lithuanian machine, Gin, then the results are amazing…

Arian Alikhani

I have been training at UP Mayfair for exactly two years. In the two years I have lost significant weight but, more importantly, I have completely changed my approach to nutrition fitness, and health. UP has a very scientific…

Our gym facilities

Our Ultimate Performance Mayfair gym is a state-of-the-art personal training facility just off Park Lane.

A 5,000 sq ft private training facility, Ultimate Performance Mayfair includes a large strength training area, elite training equipment, a world-class personal training team and sports rehabilitation services – everything you need to achieve exceptional results.

Full consultation and lifestyle audit

To create the ideal personalised plan for you, we conduct an in-depth consultation to look at your current diet, lifestyle, fitness, health status and more.

Our expert team at Ultimate Performance Mayfair look at over 50 key data points which give a complete picture of your challenges, needs and goals to lay the foundations for an effective program to achieve the results you want.

Tailored training and diet program

Your unique goals require a unique and nuanced approach to achieve exceptional transformation results.

So when you start a body transformation journey with us, we create a bespoke training and nutrition program that is tailored around you and your goals.

One-to-one personal training  

You are assigned a dedicated personal trainer from day 1 who is there to manage every aspect of your diet, training and transformation journey inside and outside of the gym.

Your personal trainer works with you one-to-one in our private personal training-only gym to maximise your effort and efficiency in every single session and get the best results possible.

Elite strength training equipment

When it comes to achieving world-class results, we only use the world’s best personal training equipment.   

Every inch of our Mayfair gym is carefully curated with industry-leading strength training equipment designed by experts for elite fitness professionals.   

Every machine and implement we utilise in the gym serves a very specific purpose to help you maximise the impact of your training and elicit the best results possible.  

Body fat and health metric analysis

Our aim is to give you quantifiable results and return on investment, so we utilise our proprietary Body Prophet technology to measure and analyse your body fat distribution.

Not only does this give you an objective marker of progress week on week, but it can help us identify any potential issues with your metabolic or hormonal health which can be used to modify your training, nutrition and supplement protocols, improve your health and enhance your results.

Smart supplementation and recovery

Everything we do at Ultimate Performance Mayfair is designed to elicit the best results possible, and smart supplementation and recovery play a key role.

Our personalised supplementation protocols and premium product range are backed by science and designed to enhance every aspect of your health, training and recovery.

You can enjoy a delicious and nutrient-packed shake or a well-earned coffee after your workout at our Shake Bar, or stock up on the key supplements to support your transformation at our In-gym Store.

Post-workout therapy room

Looking after your body is key to ensuring you’re always training optimally.

Our in-house professional therapist offers a host of specialist services including rehabilitation, sports chiropractic, soft tissue therapy and postural rehab.

Are you ready to start your own transformation journey?

See how you can achieve life-changing results in partnership together with us at Ultimate Performance Mayfair gym.

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